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Preview: Pakayla Rae Biehn – “Being There” @ Thinkspace Gallery

Showing alongside Jeff Ramirez (interviewed) for their two person exhibition, Being There (teased), Pakayla Rae Biehn is finally afforded the opportunity to let her talents shine through with a large body of work, after many inclusions in various group shows over the years. Opening Saturday, May 21st at Thinkspace Gallery, the SF-based artist will further develop her unique Double Exposure series of paintings, where two compositional themes are overlayed into a unified whole, certain elements clearly defined others muted in color and blurred in resolution. […]

Interviews / Previews: Jacub Gagnon – “Elements & Oddities” @ Thinkspace

This month sees Toronto based artist Jacub Gagnon bring his surrealist still life paintings to Los Angeles for his solo exhibition entitled Elements & Oddities. The exhibition opens at Thinkspace on Saturday April 30th, and also features Yosuke Ueno. Lowbrow pop master David MacDowell (interviewed) returns the Culver City showspace also in the project room space with Lowbrow Love Letter. AM caught up with Jacub ahead of the exhibition to ask a few questions about his work. Read on after the jump for our interview, […]

Interviews / Preview: Dave MacDowell – “Lowbrow Love Letter” @ Thinkspace Gallery

This Saturday night, master satirist painter Dave MacDowell will be opening a new show at the Thinkspace Gallery. Collectively entitled Lowbrow Love Letter, the new body of work tackles some stereotypes of the so-called lowbrow subgenre with a lot of “big eye girls, monsters, and depressed naked girls” all the while utilizing his brilliant wit and eye for celebrity and pop culture. Take a look after the jump at some questions and answers as we sit down for a chat about the upcoming show and […]

Interviews: Emma Tooth – ‘Concilium Plebis’ @ Lazarides Outsiders Gallery

Emma Tooth’s ‘Concilium Plebis’ series of oil paintings have been described as “Extraordinary portraits of ordinary people.” This week sees the Derbyshire based artist open her London solo show at the Lazarides’ Outsiders Gallery, as well as making her debut showing in the United States in Thinkspace’s five year anniversary show. AM caught up with Emma just ahead of the exhibition, which opens on Thursday 4th November, and put a few questions to the exciting young artist. Check out our interview and some further preview […]

Preview: Tran Nguyen – “Nurturing The Uneased Soul” @ Thinkspace

During our recent trip to Basel Week Miami, our friends at Thinkspace introduced us to an artist named Tran Nguyen. From the moment we saw her work, we were hooked. Lucky for us that she has a show just around the corner as her latest body of work “Nurturing The Uneased Soul” will be opening at Thinkspace Gallery this Friday (3/12). Her gentle acrylic strokes form some fantastic surrealist images that will surely make you do a double take. So if you’re lucky enough to be in LA then definitely take time to check this […]

Interviews / Preview: Esao Andrews – “Farewell Avery” @ Thinkspace Gallery

It’s been a while since Esao Andrews has had a major show and for his many fans, it’s long overdue. Since his showing with Roq La Rue last May, he’s been relatively off the grid – most likely getting ready for this year’s show “Farewell Avery” at Thinkspace, opening TONIGHT. It seems like it has been time well spent because this new body of work took our breath away. Even though we teased you with a peak at “The Conjoined Bell”, we had no idea […]

Openings: Camilla d’Errico & Caia Koopman – “Vain Remains”

Camilla d’Errico and Caia Koopman recently opened their joint show “Vain Remains” to a very vibrant Silver Lake crowd at Thinkspace Gallery. Both artist showed some strong yet feminine paintings to the pleasure of many that attended. We caught some of their peers such as London Police and Buff Monster (featured) hanging out at the always crowded TS openings. Check out all the opening night pics after the jump.

Openings: ModArt Magazine Curated Show @ Thinkspace Gallery

Thinkspace Gallery’s current group show, “ModArt – A Celebration of 20 Issues and All That Lay Ahead,”  (previewed) curated by the team at European based ModArt Magazine opened to an excited Los Angeles crowd, but things really popped off when Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore and Soleil Moon Frye (who played Punky Brewster) dropped by the gallery to check out the work, specifically the front window installation by German street artist NOMAD. Besides scoping out NOMAD’s humorous caveman-like drawings and installation pieces, the trio and the rest of […]

Openings: Dennis McNett – “Year of the Wolfbat” @ Thinkspace Gallery

Dennis McNett’s (streets) show “Year of the Wolfbat” (setup) at Thinkspace Gallery was a whiff of fresh air for the Los Angeles art scene. With a body of work that felt raw and organic, the printmaking teacher at the Pratt Institute filled the gallery with a strong mixture of installation and sculpture pieces, as well as hand-carved works on wood and of course, silk-screened works on cloth and paper, all of which centered around Dennis’ animal and nature motifs. Those who weren’t able to make it to the two-day only show, don’t fret. AM’s got […]

Preview & Setup: ModArt Magazine Curated Show @ Thinkspace Gallery

At 7pm tonight, Thinkspace Gallery plays host for the opening of “ModArt – A Celebration of 20 Issues and All That Lay Ahead,” a group show curated by the team at European based ModArt Magazine. AM stopped by the gallery for a sneak peek while things were being set up and enjoyed the visual buffet of urban, low-brow and contemporary art that was on hand – a show definitely worth checking out. The roster of artists in the show includes UK urban artist Mr. Jago and […]