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Upcoming: José Parlá – “Prose” @ Yuka Tsuruno Gallery

This Thursday, Cuban-American artist José Parlá will unveil a new body of work in Japan. Entitled Prose, this solo exhibition will be held at Tokyo’s Yuka Tsuruno Gallery. This fresh series of paintings, in the words of Mr. Parlá, will focus on the “stream of consciousness – a rhythmic structure that carries the energy and poetic painting body in flux with dance – defined by memory brought into action in its own moment – imbedded in an improvisational blend of performance – founded on research and observation […]

Preview / Setup: JR @ Watarium Museum (Tokyo)

If you remember, late last year, we shared with you some photos of JR touring Japan to spread his Inside Out love in his giant photo booth / converted truck. Turns out, that was only a precursor for a show opening officially this weekend at the Watarium Museum in Tokyo. As you can see from these preview images, the French “photograffeur” is already busy prepping the outside and inside of the institution with his distinctive work. Photos via Alabaz and the artist. Discuss JR here.

Openings: Geoff McFetridge – “My Head Disappears When My Hands Are Thinking” @ Playmountain

Currently in Japan, Geoff McFetridge has renewed his collaboration with Heath Ceramics for a show at Playmountain. My Head Disappears When My Hands Are Thinking not only features the Los Angeles-based artist’s minimalistic paintings, but also his specially designed ceramic items (also seen 2011 in LA). Take a look below at more photos but also stop by if you are in Tokyo through February 17th. Discuss this show here. Discuss Geoff McFetridge here.

Preview: Luke Chueh – “Turning Japanese” @ Idol Gallery (Tokyo)

After executing the first phase of his revenge against Japanese bootleggers by taking those images, painting, and selling then for his show in Chicago (covered), Luke Chueh (interviewed) has traveled to Tokyo where he will have a chance to see these illegal productions in person. The Los Angeles-based artist is primarily there though for the opening of his solo tomorrow night (December 1st) at the Idol Gallery entitled Turning Japanese where he has immersed his characters in clever takes on the culture of the rising sun. Check […]

Upcoming / Video: Yoshitomo Nara – “a bit like you and me…” @ Yokohama Museum of Art

This Saturday, July 14th, the Yokohama Museum of Art will be opening Yoshitomo Nara’s newest show a bit like you and me…, 11 years since the Japanese artist’s last solo there in 2001. The title of the exhibition is taken from a song by the Beatles, Nowhereman, expressing the relationship between the artist and his works and between his works and the viewer, as mentioned in the artist statement. The showing will consists of all new works including paintings, drawings, and large sculptures made of bronze, a material Nara worked with for the first […]

Openings: Rostarr – “IKONOCLYSM” @ Common Gallery

Last month, the Common Gallery in Tokyo filled their walls with work from Romon Kimin Yang (AKA Rostarr). As you saw in our studio visit prior to the opening, the NY-based artist prepared a series of diverse work featuring his signature calligraphy coupled with some references to Japan for this latest showing. Enjoy your look at the photo set below.

Studio Visits: Rostarr – “IKONOCLYSM” @ Common Gallery

On May 11th, New York-based artist Romon Kimin Yang (AKA Rostarr) will be unveiling a new body of work in Tokyo’s Common Gallery. Entitled IKONOCLYSM, this series of works utilizes Ro’s signature blend of iconography, calligraphy, and mind blowing graphics to express the hardship & journey which the people of Japan have endured in recent times. Rostarr recently invited AM into his Brooklyn studio to preview the works prior to them traveling to the Land of the Rising Sun. While there we got to see […]

Openings: Masakatsu Sashie – “Invisible Hand” @ Mizuma Gallery

A new exhibition from Masakatsu Sashie recently opened  up at the Mizuma Gallery in Tokyo featuring five new works from the Japanese artist. The title of the show, Invisible Hand, is taken from Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations and is a term used to describe the self-regulating nature of the marketplace into which, by trying to maximize their own gains, individual ambition benefits society. A fitting choice as his work always touches on topics political in nature, especially imagery of a post-apocalyptic world mixed […]

Takashi Murakami’s Geisai 12 Art Fair

AM was excited to have been in attendance for the 12th installment of Takashi Murakami’s self-represented artist art fair, Geisai, held in Tokyo, Sunday March 8. It was quite an experience, with hundreds of young and emerging artists presenting their own paintings, drawings, sculptures or performance art together for one whirlwind day. Plus, there were various live musical and dance performances. Since there was so much going on and our Japanese isn’t that great, we weren’t always sure what was happening, but we took lots […]