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Streets: D*Face (Tokyo) – Part II

Earlier this month, we shared with you a mural that D*Face (interviewed) painted in Tokyo while he there for an exhibition at Parco Gallery X. Turns out the UK-based artist had time to get up with another piece featuring Japan’s favorite feline character, the iconic Hello Kitty. Of course, D had to paint her with his signature surreal touch with half the face ripped away revealing the skull underneath. Photos via Mura. Discuss D*Face here.

Openings: Chris Berens – “Nensha” @ Megumi Ogita

Dutch painter Chris Berens recently opened his long awaited first ever solo show in Japan at the Megumi Ogita Gallery in Ginza, Tokyo. Nensha was artist’s only show for 2013 and he created a completely new body of for it, which was strongly inspired by Japanese culture, tradition and life style. The entire process began with a visit Japan earlier this year, painting on the new pieces through the year, and finally opening a show on the 7th of December, which was captured by the film crew […]

Streets: D*Face (Tokyo)

The UK-based D*Face (interviewed) is currently in Japan to promote his new book – The Art of D*Face: One Man and His Dog. To that end, he will be holding a signing event (tonight) and show at Parco Gallery X in Tokyo where he will also be releasing a Japanese flag version print (seen below).  Of course, while in town, he also took time to work on a mural (located in Shibuya). Photos via Mura. Discuss D*Face here.

Releases: Haroshi x Uniful Limited Edition Skateboards

On September 5th, Japanese artist Haroshi (featured) introduced his limited edition skateboard decks released through Japanese skateboarding company Uniful. Thug For Life in the Shibuya district of Tokyo was packed with people that were interested in this release that instantly became hit in Asia. Along with the signed and numbered decks, the artist introduced a new sculpture that was made especially for this event. The concept behind the piece are shaking hands, a world wide symbol of connection between people. As much as skateboarding is a world […]

Upcoming: Fuco Ueda @ Lower Akihabara

We haven’t seen a showing of Fuco Ueda’s work stateside for a while, but those in Japan have a chance to take in a new body of work when her show opens at Lower Akihabara. Her surreal and sometimes disturbing works have long enchanted us at AM, so those who will be in Tokyo on June 15th would be advised to make plans to see her paintings for yourself. The show looks to be explore the use of Chrysanthemum, a commonly reoccurring flower in her imagery. […]

Openings: KAWS – “Ohhh…” @ Kaikai Kiki

Just hours ago, Murakami’s Kaikai Kiki Gallery in Tokyo hosted the opening of KAWS‘ latest solo show entitled Ohh… The exhibition has been a long time coming for the NY-based artist’s fans and collectors in Japan, also home to his OriginalFake store. Along with exploring a slightly different color palette with rectangular pieces, some of his popular tondo paintings were also included in this new body of work. Although his love for SpongeBob is present throughout, the centerpieces of the show saw the return of two […]

Preview: KAWS – “Ohhh…” @ Kaikai Kiki

Tomorrow night (May 2nd) in Tokyo, KAWS will be opening a new solo show entitled Ohhh… at the Kaikai Kiki Gallery. Combining the rare talents of the New York-based artist in the setting of Japan art god Takashi Murakami’s showspace is sure to lead to a star-packed reception as well as a feeding frenzy among his local fans and those that have flown in for the exhibition. For those who aren’t in town, take a look at some preview images of the work below… Discuss […]

Studio Visits: Haroshi

Only two weeks after his trip to Mexico, where he revealed a trophy that was commissioned by Nike for their big Tampa Pro skateboarding contest, Japanese artist and passionate skateboard lover, Haroshi, welcomed us in his studio in Tokyo. Even though he’s a world wide recognized artist, whose shows are regularly selling out and has major skateboard related companies struggling to commission him to do work for them, his studio is not much more than a “skateboarder’s lair.” There are posters, cutouts and photographs of […]

Openings: José Parlá – “Prose” @ Yuka Tsuruno Gallery

Currently showing at the Yuka Tsuruno Gallery in Tokyo and on view through May 18th is solo exhibition from José Parlá. Entitled Prose, the show introduced fans in Japan to the Brooklyn-based artist’s form of urban calligraphy, an art form that has a special cultural resonance in Asia. Like his recent projects at BAM (covered) and the Barclays Center (covered), the exhibition included an impressive large-scale painting measuring 50 feet wide. Take a look at more photos the artist sent us below… Discuss José Parlá here.

Upcoming: José Parlá – “Prose” @ Yuka Tsuruno Gallery

This Thursday, Cuban-American artist José Parlá will unveil a new body of work in Japan. Entitled Prose, this solo exhibition will be held at Tokyo’s Yuka Tsuruno Gallery. This fresh series of paintings, in the words of Mr. Parlá, will focus on the “stream of consciousness – a rhythmic structure that carries the energy and poetic painting body in flux with dance – defined by memory brought into action in its own moment – imbedded in an improvisational blend of performance – founded on research and observation […]