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Baby Tattooville 2009 Lineup Confirmed

For those of you wondering who the last mystery artist for this year’s Baby Tattooville (BT) is, we are happy say we have been told that it will be none other than Greg “Craola” Simkins (interviewed)!  For the uninitiated, BT is an annual artist – fan/collector retreat put on at Riverside, CA’s historic Mission Inn.  Each year, there are usually ten featured artists who will interact with fans in many ways including panels, demonstrations, live painting, sketching, etc…  If you are curious how last year’s […]

Prototype: Travis Louie’s “Uncle Six-Eyes” Figure

With SDCC in full swing, we thought this would be a nice time to review some upcoming art toys from some of our favorite artists. First up is Travis Louie’s (interviewed) first toy, “Uncle Six Eyes,” soon to be released by Bigshot Toyworks. This figure was sculpted by Scott Wetterschneider and stands 8 inches tall. Take a look at some closer pics as well as the painting this figure is based off of after the jump….

Openings: “Monster?” @ Copro Gallery

Last night, the “Monster?” group show (previewed) curated by Travis Louie (interviewed), opened at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica to a full house of monster lovers. They weren’t disappointed as artists took creative means to paint and sculpt their versions of of the theme, all the way from hideous vampires and Frankenstein to Charlie Brown and childhood piano teachers. Travis also put together a nice mix of well known artists in the scene and some newcomers. Take a look at all the pics after the […]

Preview: “Monster?” Group Show @ Copro Gallery

Monsters are attacking Bergamot Station!  Well, at least for the similarly named group show at Copro Gallery this Saturday night curated by none other than Travis Louie (interviewed).  Well respected in the art world and a talented artist himself, Travis was able to put together an impressive list of participants for exhibition.  Not only did he include regulars like Audrey Kawasaki (interviewed), Ron English (featured), Dan May (interviewed), Kris Kuksi, Chet Zar, Brian Despain (interviewed), Ana Bagayan (featured), and Tessar Lo, he also made sure […]

Openings: Travis Louie – “Strange Grooming Habits” @ Copro Gallery

Last night, the artist community and fans were out in full force for the opening of Travis Louie’s (interviewed) “Strange Grooming Habits” at the Bergamot Station. For this show at Copro Gallery, Louie dressed up the bizarre denizens of his imagination in stately garb and painted them in his signature style of emulating vintage photography from the Victorian era. His tremendous attention to detail was readily apparent, especially in the 28×37″ painting of his beloved “Bill” (seen above). Those who thought Louie’s work would not […]

Preview: Travis Louie – “Strange Grooming Habits” @ Copro Gallery

Like we mentioned before, Travis Louie’s (interviewed) “Strange Grooming Habits” is fast approaching on May 9th at Copro Gallery. With a generous gallery space at his disposal, we are excited to see how his renowned attention to detail translates to some of the larger scale paintings in this body of work. More preview pics after the jump…

Openings: Hi-Fructose Group Show – “Overdose” @ Copro Gallery

“Overdose” (previewed) opened this past Saturday at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica. Upon entering the gallery, you will notice several great pieces from “Overdose” on display in the gallery’s front room. The majority of the exhibition’s body of work is displayed in the gallery’s main room. A table was set up over in the smaller wing of the gallery for the Hi-Fructose Collected Edition 1 book signing. Artists Greg “Craola” Simkins, Gary Baseman, Attaboy, photographer Brian McCarty, and Joe Ledbetter were all on hand for […]

Openings: New Brow @ Alternative Cafe & Film Screening

Just in time for South by Southwest (SXSW), Justin from Shooting Gallery set up an art show at Alternative Cafe in Austin that showcased works by many of the artists featured in the film, “New Brow: the Rise of Contemporary Art.” Artists in the film include: Eric Joyner, Charles Krafft, Shawn Barber, Travis Louie, Anthony Ausgang, Ron English, Mike Giant, Isabel Samaras, Camille Rose Garcia, Van Arno, Shepard Fairey, Liz McGrath, Henry Lewis, Tim Biskup, Gary Baseman, Glenn Barr, Kill Pixie, Niagara, Sas & Colin […]

Preview: “Overdose” Hi-Fructose Group Show @ Copro Gallery

After their highly successful group show last year, Hi-Fructose is back again with another exhibition, this time titled “Overdose,” opening April 4th at Copro Gallery.  With a increasingly more respected reputation as one of the best publications in the scene, they been able to assemble a pretty amazing lineup.  Sure to be one of the showstoppers is this huge 50 x 50 inch Chris Berens piece seen above.  See some other preview pics as well as the full lineup after the jump.

Teaser: Travis Louie – “Strange Grooming Habits” @ Copro Gallery

Travis Louie (interviewed) sent us a teaser image for his upcoming solo show “Strange Grooming Habits” on May 9th at Copro Gallery. We are excited to check out this new body of work as Travis has told us some of the pieces will be quite large and complex. See you all there. Discuss Travis Louie here.