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Baby Tattooville ’09: Art Jam

If the artists at Baby Tattooville are the heart of the event, then the “Art Jam” is definitely the bloodline that is pumping throughout the event. Starting at 5pm on the opening day and lasting a little past 8pm the next night, “Art Jam” is a culmination of the all the participating artist’s hard work. Like in previous years, the blank canvas was tinkered with by a few brave artists during the initial dinner, but by the time midnight rolled around, one could clearly see […]

Baby Tattooville ‘09: “Son Of Baby Tattooville” Museum Reception

After a successful exhibition last year (“Beyond Baby Tattooville”), the Riverside Art Museum brings back Baby Tattooville with this year’s roster of artists, with a show called “Son of Baby Tattooville”.  It was a unique museum group show in that almost all the artists who had works in the show made it in person to the opening.  Museum-goers were greeted with highly-representational pieces by each artists, such as Audrey Kawasaki‘s classic Two Sisters. More images after the jump…

Countdown to Baby Tattooville 2009: Travis Louie & James Gurney & KRK Ryden

T-Minus 3 days til the launch of Baby Tattooville 2009 and we continue with our preview with three more artist that will be in attendance. These three artists have a knack for turning fantastic ideas into reality with their unique talents. The first artist James Gurney is a legend in the field of illustration. A superbly accomplished artist and one of only 35 illustrators chosen to represent his generation in “The Illustrator in America (1860-2000).” Most of you may recognize his work from the best-selling […]

Openings: Travis Louie – “Portrait Of A Young Monster”

Last Friday, Travis Louie’s (interviewed) opened his show “Portrait Of A Young Monster” at Roq La Rue.  There were a total of eight paintings with the largest being “The Ghost Of Abigail” at 31″ x 19″ (above). So what is behind his paintings of “monsters” and misfits on the outskirts of normalcy? We think a particularly insightful answer to this question posed by our friend Commandax to Travis describes perfectly what his work is about: “Mistaken identity… being judged solely on one’s appearance… racism. The characters […]

Preview: Travis Louie – “Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Monster” @ Roq La Rue

As we previously mentioned, opening tonight in Seattle is “Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Monster,” Travis Louie’s (interviewed) solo at the esteemed Roq La Rue gallery.  The artist will be in attendance to chat with fans as well as sign his new book “Curiosities” like he did in LA recently and in SDCC.  On display will be his portraiture mix of wild-haired intense women and distinguished monsters in Victorian guise. More preview images after the jump…

Openings: Group Exhibition @ Joshua Liner Gallery

Saturday night, AM attended the opening of Joshua Liner Gallery’s summer group exhibition, which collects solid works from a very strong roster of artists, some of whom the gallery has shown previously and others of whom the gallery is working with for the first time. From the show, it is clear that Liner is actively evolving and maturing his gallery. And from the response from collectors and others at the opening, it seems that what he’s doing is working. More after the jump…

Teaser: Travis Louie – “Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Monster” @ Roq La Rue

The man seems to be everywhere. From SDCC, to attending his own as well as his fellow artists’ shows in LA to NY, to a future engagement with Baby Tattooville in October, Travis Louie’s (interviewed) is certainly one of the most well traveled and hardworking artists in the industry. His latest show, “Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Monster,” will be opening next Friday, August 21st at Roq La Rue.  We hear the works are going to be a little larger and more ambitious […]

Preview: Group Show @ Joshua Liner Gallery

Last week, we teased you with a very nice Greg “Craola” Simkins (interviewed) painting that will be shown this Saturday, August 15th in a nice group show at Joshua Liner Gallery.  Now, we got an exclusive preview to a few pieces. Artists showing include: Candice Tripp (interviewed), Chloe Early’s (interviewed), Cleon Peterson, Damon Soule, Dave Kinsey, Evan Hecox, James Roper, Joe Sorren, Jud Bergeron, Kenji Hirata, Pat Rocha, Robert Hardgrave, Ryan McLennan, Shawn Barber, Stanley Donwood, Stella Im Hultberg (interviewed), SUB (Tony Curanaj), Sylvia Ji (interviewed), Tat […]

Travis Louie Book Signing @ Gallery 1988 LA

AM stopped by Gallery 1988 in LA a couple days ago to attend the Travis Louie’s (interviewed) book signing. His book “Curiosities,” released by Baby Tattoo Books & Galley 1988, chronicles his paintings from the last several years and of course, the stories that go along with it. As usual, Travis was more than happy to sign and sketch for his fans as well as showing off his unbelievable calligraphy skills.  He also brought along some mini-paintings and sketches for sale. More pics after the […]

Teaser: Group Show @ Joshua Liner Gallery

Every now and then, a gallery decides to flex its muscles and call in some of its big guns. On August 15th, Joshua Liner Gallery will be on Defcon 2 as it brings up an arsenal of artists that would get the attention of the even the most casual art fan. Artists showing include: Candice Tripp (interviewed), Chloe Early, Cleon Peterson, Damon Soule, Dave Kinsey, Evan Hecox, James Roper, Joe Sorren, Jud Bergeron, Kenji Hirata, Pat Rocha, Robert Hardgrave, Ryan McLennan, Shawn Barber, Stanley Donwood, Stella […]