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Preview: Travis Louie – “Curious Pets” @ Merry Karnowsky

This Saturday, November 12th, the Merry Karnowsky will play host to Travis Louie (interviewed) and his distinctive portraiture as well as his Curious Pets. The NY-based painter will be expanding his series of of paintings (also see Roq La Rue show) featuring a vintage look at fantastical pets and their owners, some of whom are quite strange themselves. More preview images after the jump, including a full view of a piece we teased you with last month.

Teaser: Arrested Motion – “East West Connect” @ Above Second (Hong Kong)

For those in Hong Kong, we are excited to announce our first ever curatorial project to be hosted by the Above Second Gallery at the end of next month. East West Connect will feature artists who hail from an Asian background and/or those who have utilized imagery inspired by the Far East in the past. Themes to be explored include ideas of identity for those who have dual cultural allegiances, melding and fusion of artistic influences, and the discussion of the work when brought into […]

Teaser: Travis Louie @ Merry Karnowsky Gallery

It’s always nice to visit with Travis Louie (featured) and his surreal yet vintage photo-like paintings, so meeting him at Baby Tattooville last weekend was again a pleasure. We would also like to tell you about one of his upcoming shows for fans in Los Angeles at the Merry Karnowsky Gallery in November. It also looks like (from the sneak peek above) some of the new body of work will see him continuing the theme of painting portraits of people and their pets (see Roq […]

Baby Tattooville ’11: “Baby Tattooville On Parade” Opening @ Riverside Art Museum

One of the biggest benefits for artists participating in the annual Baby Tattooville celebration is having their work exhibited in the Riverside Art Museum for all to see even after the exclusive weekend festivities end (you have about five weeks – until Nov. 8 – to catch show).  Entering its fifth year of hosting exhibitions featuring BT artists, this collection is a retrospective of sorts that includes works from those that have had their work in the annual show in the past. The star-studded line-up […]

Previews: Safewalls x Cirque du Soleil @ Trifecta Gallery

In the past, many of you must have enjoyed performances by Cirque du Soleil and more recently, the limited edition artist collaborations (here, here & here) presented to you by our friends at Safewalls. Now, it’s time to take the show on the road as the Safewalls x Cirque du Soleil artwork will travel to Las Vegas where the current productions of KA and Zumanity are running in the City of Sin where four new original artworks were created for the Vegas based productions by Frank […]

Releases: Travis Louie – “Zarkana” Safewalls / Cirque du Soleil Poster

You may remember when we first introduced the Safewalls project from Cirque du Soleil to you back in April and then followed it up by updating you on the Miss Van release. Each show the highly successful Canadian circus puts on has its own theme as well as setting and it seems that they have paired up a great artist with each one.  The newest poster to be released (at a random time tomorrow, July 7th) will be from Travis Louie (interviewed) and will be for Zarkana. Check their […]

Releases: Safewalls x Cirque du Soleil Prints

Our friends at the Safewalls x Cirque du Soleil project have been celebrating the art of the circus poster since late last year, commissioning Cirque-inspired pieces by the likes of Ricardo Cavolo, El Mac, Jon Burgerman, Jason Limon, Shag, Sweet Toof and Glenn Anderson with upcoming works by Tara McPherson, Ron English, Travis Louie and Miss Van. For each city that Cirque du Soleil performs in, Safewalls commissions three artists to create a piece, which is then printed into a regular edition of 300 prints and […]

Preview: Travis Louie – “The Creature Show” @ Roq La Rue

Tomorrow night, up in Seattle, The Creature Show will be opening up at the Roq La Rue Gallery. Some of Travis Louie’s (featured) famous vintage portraiture will be on display, and  this time of his Victorian-age characters and their unusual pets (although it looks like some creatures are going solo). AM really likes the detail in this new collection of paintings with more full-body perspectives and is looking forward to seeing it on the walls. More preview images after the jump…

Teaser: Travis Louie – “The Creature Show” @ Roq La Rue

After an interesting collaborative show in Los Angeles at the end of last year (covered), Travis Louie (featured) turned his attention to his next body of work. The Creature Show opens next month, April 8th to be exact, in Seattle at the Roq La Rue Gallery and will feature some of what he paints best – imaginative beasts and creatures. The twist is that the monochromatic portraits will also include the owners who keep these critters as pets like the Emily and Her Troll Head […]

Openings: “South Park Art Gallery” @ Opera (NY)

Last night, AM attended the opening party for the South Park Art Gallery (previewed). Hosted by Comedy Central & Opera Gallery, the exhibition invited 15 artists to reinterpret their favorite character or moments from the iconic South Park animated series which is celebrating it’s 15th anniversary. Curated by Ron English (featured), amazing and hilarious paintings of Kenny, Cartman, Kyle, Stan and the rest of the SP crew were remixed from the unique visions of Colin Christian, Sas Christian, Beau Stanton, Kid Zoom, Dave White, KaNo, […]