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Preview: “Zombie” @ Last Rites Gallery

Tomorrow night (May 25th), the Zombie group exhibition will be opening at the Last Rites Gallery in New York. Featuring a roster hand-selected by Travis Louie to give their artistic interpretation of the undead, the show is sure to be an interest among fans of these artists. Here we have more preview images of pieces that are destined for the show that will include paintings, drawings, and sculptural pieces including the one seen above (cropped) from Chris Seamon. See the full list of artists and preview here. Discuss this show here.

Upcoming: “Zombie” @ Last Rites Gallery

Coming up on Memorial Day weekend (May 25th), the Last Rites Gallery in New York will be hosting a show dedicated to artists and their love for zombies. The group show curated by Travis Louie will feature work inspired by the undead and include artists like Mia Araujo, Matt Dangler, Fred Harper, Sarah Joncas, Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Allison Sommers, Chet Zar, and more (see full list below). And, if the piece above by John Cebollero inspired by Munch’s The Scream is any indication, there […]

Openings: Travis Louie – “Monsters On Their Day Off” @ Roq La Rue

Travis Louie’s (interviewed) newest solo exhibition titled Monsters On Their Day Off opened April 9th at the Roq la Rue Gallery. Referencing century old photographs, Louie brings his impossibly rendered style to the Seattle gallery, depicting monsters in their down time, when they’re not playing monster.  The acrylics are so exquisitely rendered that the images appear soft and delicate, just as a photograph might appear had it been taken in the late 19th century. Patrons were leaning in close all night to decipher just how Travis can […]

Preview: Travis Louie – “Monsters On Their Day Off” @ Roq La Rue

On this Friday (April 12th), Roq La Rue in Seattle will be welcoming back Travis Louie (interviewed) for a solo showing entitled Monsters On Their Day Off. Well known for his compelling portraiture featuring fantastical creatures posed in formal attire, the paintings stretch the mind with their obviously imaginative imagery combined with a technique that make one think you are looking at vintage photographs. Take a look at more preview images below… Discuss this show here. Discuss Travis Louie here.

Upcoming: Travis Louie – “Monsters On Their Day Off” @ Roq La Rue

After a successful showing at the Roq La Rue Gallery back in 2011 (covered), vintage surreal painter Travis Louie (interviewed) will be returning to give his fans in Seattle another look at his amazing works. Based thematically on the title of the show, Monsters On Their Day Off, the new imaginary portraiture will give us a glimpse into the lives of his creatures, rendered in classic Louie fashion. We’ll have more for you as we get closer to the opening… Discuss this show here. Discuss Travis Louie […]

Preview: beinArt Surreal Collective – “Anomalies” @ Copro Gallery

Tonight at the Copro Gallery, human oddities, anatomical wonders, and freaks will be on display at the third beinArt Collective group show, Anomalies, at the Santa Monica showspace. Curated by Jon Beinart, over 50 artists will be interpreting sideshow/carny culture with paintings, drawings and sculpture. Participating artists include: Travis Louie, Esao Andrews, Chris Mars, David Stoupakis, Chet Zar, Christian Van Minnen, Scott Scheidly, Jessica Joslin, Turf One (Jean Labourdette), Naoto Hattori, Gregory Jacobsen, David Choquette, Brendan Danielson, Sandra Yagi, Tom Bagshaw, Pamela Wilson, Matt Martin, Peter Gric, Dietmar Gross, Heidi Taillefer, John Brophy, Richard A Kirk, Mia Araujo, Santiago Caruso, Tom Kuebler, Karl Persson, Jana Brike, Beau White, Heather Nevay, […]

Travis Louie for “Le Carnaval des Spectres” @ Artoyz

Take a look at these custom “Ghostly Stan” Skelve figures from Travis Louie (interviewed) that he painted for the upcoming Le Carnaval des Spectres group show at Artoyz in Paris opening on September 13th. Centered on the theme of ghosts and spirits, the exhibition will also showcase all new works from Brandt Peters, Kathie Olivas, Chris Ryniak, Amanda Louise Spayd and Teodoru Badiu bust we dare say the level of detail put forth by Travis in these customs will be one of the highlights. Along with hand-painted figures, some new toys may make their debut as well – more […]

Preview: Travis Louie – “Spirits” @ Stranger Factory

Those in Albuquerque, New Mexico tonight need to head over to Stranger Factory to check out Travis Louie’s (interviewed) newest solo show. Entitled Spirits, the new body of work features a menagerie of strange and wonderful creatures including some of the supernatural persuasion. In particular, we love the piece above – The Spirit of the Cyclo-Sasquatch – the NY-based painter’s interpretation of the mythical creature based loosely on the Patterson footage. Also, for those artists out there, Travis will be offering a very special, small-group rendering […]

Upcoming: Travis Louie – “Spirits” @ Stranger Factory

Continuing to spread his strange creatures and special form of surreal vintage portraiture to unlikely locales, Travis Louie’s (interviewed) next solo will be in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We last covered the NY-based painter’s showing in Northampton, Massachusetts at William Baczek Fine Arts back in May, and now it looks like his black and white cast of bizarre characters will be headlining a show at the Stranger Factory in August entitled Spirits. We’ll have more for you as the show draws nearer. Discuss Travis Louie here.

Preview: “Death and the Maiden” @ Roq La Rue

Tomorrow night (June 8th), Roq La Rue will be presenting a group show entitled Death and the Maiden featuring works from Kazuki Takamatsu, Femke Hiemstra, Travis Louie, Glenn Barr, Esao Andrews (seen above), Andrew Hem, Sylvia Ji, Peter Gronquist, Marco Mazzoni, Ciou, Lisa Petrucci, Laurie Lee Brom, Amanda Manitach, Jessica McCourt, Madeline Von Foerster, and Jessica Joslin. Artists were ask to submit pieces based on the medieval theme of a maiden dancing with a skeleton, a metaphor for the fact “no one gets out alive,” […]