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Previews: Travis Louie – “Strange Visitors” @ AFA (New York)

On October 17th, the New York location of AFA will be hosting new works from Travis Louie (interviewed) entitled Strange Visitors. The showing continues the painter’s fascination with the look of vintage photographs as well as imaginary creatures, and his amazing melding of the two disparate interests leading to impossibly realistic looking “shots” of otherworldly characters. Further described in Louie’s own words – “This show features paintings of goblins who change their appearance to sneak up on us, faeries who are imagined by children who don’t want […]

Previews: Travis Louie – “Before They Became Heroes or Villains” @ William Baczek Fine Arts

Tonight in Northampton, Massachusetts, William Baczek Fine Arts will be opening a new show from Travis Louie (interviewed). The exhibition will see the New York-based artist returning to the site of his showing in the area in 2012, and will feature a new body of work collectively entitled Before They Became Heroes or Villains. Featuring his surreal band of misfits and monsters dressed in proper Victorian attire, the paintings are rendered in acrylic but amazingly look like vintage photos. Take a look at more preview images below… […]

LA Art Show ’14: Littletopia

Last week when AM stopped by the LA Art Show, we made sure to pay a visit to the special Littletopia section curated by Red Truck Gallery. Featuring an array of artists and art that is seldom seen at the event, this part of the fair saw a healthy and steady stream of visitors. Participants included galleries like Sloan Fine Art, Breeze Block, La Luz de Jesus, Last Rites, Roq La Rue, Spoke Art, Thinkspace, and Varnish Fine Art. Take a look at some more photos below… Discuss this show here.

Openings: Travis Louis – “Strange Discoveries” @ Merry Karnowsky Gallery

Over the weekend, fans in Los Angeles were once again able to enjoy a new body of work from Travis Louie (interviewed) at the Merry Karnowsky Gallery. It’s been couple years since his last showing at the space (see 2011), but the paintings and drawings for Strange Discoveries were well worth the wait. Dedicated to his father who recently passed away, the exhibition featured Louie’s signature dignified portraiture of surreal creatures rendered amazingly to look like vintage photos. Take a look at more shots of the opening below… Photo […]

Preview: Travis Louie – “Strange Discoveries” @ Merry Karnowsky Gallery

On November 9th, Travis Louie (interviewed) will be opening his big Los Angeles solo at the Merry Karnowsky Gallery. Entitled Strange Discoveries, the fitting title describes the eclectic collection of creatures and characters that Louie brings with him to every exhibition. It also hits it on the nail when expressing the feeling of joy and discovery that fans experience when confronted by the surreal portraits painted by the New York-based artist as sort of a proof (like the vintage photography he so admires) of his fantastical stories (that accompany […]

Previews: Baby Tattooville 2013

This year’s edition of Baby Tattooville is fast approaching with the kick off starting tomorrow and running through the weekend. As seen from our extensive coverage of previous year’s activities, the unique event is an intimate art retreat where attendees can interact with artists and learn more about their art in an interactive environment. This year’s lineup includes Steven Daily, Sylvia Ji, Travis Louie, Mitch O’Connell, Olivia De Barardinis, Alex Pardee, Ragnar (see ab0ve), Sucklord, Chet Zar, Coop, KRK Ryden, Gris Grimley, Brandi Milne, Luke Chueh, […]

Preview: Travis Louie – “Tiny Theatre of The Absurd” @ Stranger Factory

Starting on September 6th, the Stranger Factory in Albuquerque will be hosting a two person show entitled Tiny Theatre of The Absurd from Travis Louie’s (interviewed) and Jean Labourdette a.k.a. Turf One. For his part, Louie will be contributing some small pieces and some mixed media works on paper featuring his black & white portraits, rendered like vintage photos, of imaginary creatures and human oddities. Take a look at a couple more preview images below… Discuss Travis Louie here.

Openings: “Zombie” @ Last Rites Gallery

Last weekend, the Last Rites Gallery hosted the opening for a night celebrating the undead. This new Zombie group show in New York was curated by Travis Louie and featured a hand-picked roster of artists giving their artistic interpretation (like Joshua Hoffine seen above) of the living dead with paintings and sculptural pieces. Take a look at some more photos below and stop by for a visit through June 26th if you are in the area. Photos courtesy of the gallery. Discuss this show here.

Preview: “Zombie” @ Last Rites Gallery

Tomorrow night (May 25th), the Zombie group exhibition will be opening at the Last Rites Gallery in New York. Featuring a roster hand-selected by Travis Louie to give their artistic interpretation of the undead, the show is sure to be an interest among fans of these artists. Here we have more preview images of pieces that are destined for the show that will include paintings, drawings, and sculptural pieces including the one seen above (cropped) from Chris Seamon. See the full list of artists and preview here. Discuss this show here.

Upcoming: “Zombie” @ Last Rites Gallery

Coming up on Memorial Day weekend (May 25th), the Last Rites Gallery in New York will be hosting a show dedicated to artists and their love for zombies. The group show curated by Travis Louie will feature work inspired by the undead and include artists like Mia Araujo, Matt Dangler, Fred Harper, Sarah Joncas, Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Allison Sommers, Chet Zar, and more (see full list below). And, if the piece above by John Cebollero inspired by Munch’s The Scream is any indication, there […]