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Interviews: Justin Kerson – ‘Blood & Ink’ @ White Walls Gallery

San Francisco based Justin Kerson opens a solo exhibition this Saturday, June 14th entitled Blood & Ink at White Walls Gallery in SF. We got talking to the artist a few weeks back about the show and were intrigued about his process of taking imprints of freshly made tattoos to create unique artworks. Wanting to delve a little deeper into this unique take on art making and tattoo culture, AM asked Kerson a few questions… Arrested Motion (AM): So Justin, can you tell our readers a […]

Interviews: Poesia / Graffuturism – “L’Avenir” Group Exhibition

If you follow the Graffuturism blog you’re probably aware of its writer and curator – Poesia. He is one of the pioneers of abstract graffiti and a member of the Transcend collective who helped popularise this particular form of graffiti, pushing new styles into the public eye as the movement continues to gather momentum and break boundaries. This weekend on 14th December, White Walls Gallery in SF plays host to L’Avenir, a group exhibition that acts as an international survey of the Graffuturism movement and features Augustine […]

Previews: Casey Gray – ‘Tropic’ @ White Walls

Bay Area artist Casey Gray is set to open his third solo exhibition with SF gallery White Walls on October 12th. The show is entitled Tropic, and  looks to be packed with imagery that conjures up the scent of pina coladas and coconut oil. We’ve watched Casey’s work develop over the last few years and these boldly composed still life stencils look to be executed with a new level of mastery of his chosen technique. Definitely one to catch if you are in the Bay Area.  

Highlights: ArtPadSF, San Francisco

San Francisco, last weekend, hosted a slew of fine art fairs around the city. One noteworthy fair was the inaugural edition of ArtPadSF (held at the legendary Phoenix Hotel in the Tenderloin), which focused mainly on Bay Area galleries that feature contemporary and emerging art. Each room of the hotel featured a different gallery’s display and the lounge played host to panel discussions on art. Some of the galleries that had a room at the fair included: White Walls, Gallery Anno Domani, 111 Minna, Spoke […]

Openings: ROA – “New Works” @ White Walls

The White Walls gallery opened the doors to Belgium-based street artist, ROA’s first San Francisco solo exhibition Saturday night. Leading up to the show, information and images were shrouded in secrecy as ROA methodically put on the final touches up to the show’s opening (as evidenced by his hands covered in black paint). The show featured his signature array of finely detailed spray painted animals, sometimes in various stages of dissection and decay.  The work was done on found objects (such as metal panels, metal […]

Openings: Hush – “Found” with White Walls in New York

On Friday, AM attended the opening of Hush’s (interviewed) latest show Found in New York’s hip Lower East Side. The pop-up show hosted by White Walls Gallery was a quick drive-by as it only lasted the weekend. Held in the beautiful Angel Orensanz Foundation for Contemporary Art, the historic synagogue was transformed into a grand display with the help of some creative lighting and Hush’s “Geisha Portrait” series which we previewed recently in a studio visit. The opening night was packed with fans from the […]

Streets: Hush – “Found” with White Walls in New York

Hush (interviewed) is in the Big Apple and already making his mark on the Lower East Side. In preparation for his upcoming show “Found” on Friday (Nov 19th) at the White Walls‘ pop up location of Angel Orensanz Foundation For Contemporary Art, the UK street artist is busy elevating his exposure to the streets of New York. Braving windy conditions of up to 50 mph, AM and Hush caught a (legit) wall on the corner of Stanton & Norfolk to display a live painting session of one of […]

Studio Visits / Preview: Ernesto Yerena Montejano – ‘GANAS 2020′ @ White Walls Gallery

Some weeks back, AM spent time with Ernesto Yerena Montejano at his garage studio in Los Angeles. Over the course of three and a half years, until summer 2009, Yerena worked as an artist assistant for Shepard Fairey at both Studio Number One and Studio Number Two (featured). We were able to have a look around as he now prepared for GANAS 2020, his debut solo show which opens this Saturday, November 13th at White Walls Gallery in San Francisco and runs until December 4th. The exhibition is named after a fictional community-based movement Yerena has created […]

Studio Visits: Hush – “Found” with White Walls in New York

Hush (interviewed) has been locked away in a brand new, and as you can see from our picture above, pretty cavernous studio space preparing for his debut New York showing next month. “Found” is a new body of work building on the themes revealed at his sold-out exhibition in San Francisco with Shooting Gallery which was entitled “Passing Through”. AM called into the studio to see the work in progress earlier this month and we were impressed by the variance in scale of the work […]

Studio Visit / Preview: Augustine Kofie – ‘Retrofitted and Other Forms of Vintage Futurism’ @ White Walls

Last month, graffiti writer, illustrator, designer and fine artist Kofie’One / Augustine Kofie kindly granted AM access to his studio spaces in the Filipinotown district of Los Angeles. Kofie was preparing for “Retrofitted and Other Forms of Vintage Futurism”, his debut solo exhibition at White Walls Gallery in San Francisco which opens on Saturday, October 9th. Those familiar with Kofie’s work will immediately recognize his new canvases. They’ve retained the style which has become his trademark: an architectural feel, an emphasis on precision and balance, […]