Barry Mcgee & Clare Rojas @ Park Life

San Francisco, last weekend, hosted a slew of fine art fairs around the city. One noteworthy fair was the inaugural edition of ArtPadSF (held at the legendary Phoenix Hotel in the Tenderloin), which focused mainly on Bay Area galleries that feature contemporary and emerging art. Each room of the hotel featured a different gallery’s display and the lounge played host to panel discussions on art. Some of the galleries that had a room at the fair included: White Walls, Gallery Anno Domani, 111 Minna, Spoke Art, Park Life, Guerrero Gallery and Merry Karnowsky Gallery.

Check out some of the highlights after the jump…


EINE, Kofie & Shepard Fairey @ White Walls SF

Alan Bamberger discussing with Blek le Rat, Apex, EINE and Justin Giarla on collecting and the past, present & future of "Street Art"

Margaret Kilgallen @ Steven Wolf Fine Arts

Reyes @ E6 Gallery

Collin van der Sluijs & Jeremiah Maddock @ Gallery AD