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Setup / Video: Yoskay Yamamoto – “Familiar Strangers” @ Lebasse Projects

As the we get closer to Yoskay Yamamoto’s (interviewed) opening of “Familiar Strangers” at LeBasse Projects tomorrow night (June 12th), we wanted to give you one last behind the scenes look at this excellent show. As we hinted in the last picture of our studio visit to Yoskay’s “batcave”, you got a glimpse of the exclusive “Astroboy” homage sculpture – “Do you remember me?” Well, imagine an entire wall installation with over 100 of them. FYI, the limited black resin variant will be available only […]

Release Party: Yoskay Yamamoto’s Koibito – LeBasse Projects Colorway

Yoskay Yamamoto’s (interviewed) Koibito release party (announced) took place this past Wednesday at LeBasse Projects. AM arrived at the gallery at 6pm and even though the release party wasn’t scheduled to start until 7pm, there were already about 40 fans waiting outside. In fact, some fans started waiting in line as early as 9am. Once inside the gallery, fans could purchase the white/silver koibito, red/white koibito, postcard sets, “Screaming for the Sunrise” giclee prints and show catalogs. This night also marked the closing of Yoskay’s […]

Releases: Yoskay Yamamoto – LeBasse Projects Colorway

Next Wednesday, May 27th, the release party for Yoskay Yamamoto’s (interviewed) white/silver koibito will be held at LeBasse Projects starting at 7 pm. This edition will be limited to 150 pieces and will be priced at $100.  Randomly inserted along with some of the toys will be drawings, gocco prints, and postcard sets for some lucky collectors.  This 5th colorway will be exclusive to LeBasse Projects, where Yoskay will also be closing his solo “Hello and Goodbye” show. In addition to the figure, there will […]

Openings: Yoskay Yamamoto – “Hello and Goodbye” @ LeBasse Projects

“Hello and Goodbye” (featured) the latest body of work from Yoskay Yamamoto (interviewed) opened this past Saturday at LeBasse Projects. The show featured some of Yamamoto’s largest paintings to date and the level of detail and techniques employed by Yoskay for these new pieces clearly show his artistic growth since his last solo. These latest works reveal a physical texture that compliments his signature aged and acid washed backdrops and AM also enjoyed his venture into a bolder palette that makes his subjects “pop.” Yoskay’s […]

LeBasse Projects: Dining with Yoskay Yamamoto & Melissa Haslam

Fine dining and even finer art – that’s what life’s all about. Last night, AM was invited to attend a very intimate dinner with a small group of collectors to preview the upcoming shows of Yoskay Yamamoto (featured) and Melissa Haslam (interviewed). The dinner was hosted by LeBasse Projects and provided a select few some private time to interact with the artists and find out more about their work and artistic direction. The fun night also gave attendees a chance to catch up and have spirited discussions […]

Creative Process: Yoskay Yamamoto – “Hello and Goodbye” @ LeBasse Projects

Yoskay Yamamoto’s (interviewed) latest body of work “Hello and Goodbye” (previewed) will open this Saturday, May 9th, at LeBasse Projects. Yoskay has been heads-down for the better part of 2009 crafting an intricate series of paintings for what looks to be a tremendous exhibition. Yoskay shares with AM his creative process for the “Possibly Maybe” piece from this show. See the entire step-by-step creative process after the jump.

Preview/Video: Yoskay Yamamoto – “Hello and Goodbye” @ LeBasse Projects

Our friends at Modus Films put together a nice preview video showcasing some of the beautiful new pieces for Yoskay Yamamoto’s (interviewed) upcoming show “Hello and Goodbye” (teased) opening on May 9th at LeBasse Projects in Culver City. Discuss this show here. Discuss Yoskay Yamamoto here.

Teaser: Yoskay Yamamoto – “Hello and Goodbye” @ LeBasse Projects

Yoskay Yamamoto’s (interviewed) show “Hello and Goodbye” is set to open next month, May 9th at LeBasse Projects in Culver City. We are looking forward to larger paintings and some sculptures from Mr. Yamamoto for this solo as well as some installation pieces. Take a look at one of the sculptures after the jump…