Yoskay Yamamoto’s (interviewed) latest body of work “Hello and Goodbye” (previewed) will open this Saturday, May 9th, at LeBasse Projects. Yoskay has been heads-down for the better part of 2009 crafting an intricate series of paintings for what looks to be a tremendous exhibition. Yoskay shares with AM his creative process for the “Possibly Maybe” piece from this show.

See the entire step-by-step creative process after the jump.

This was the original sketch for the piece. I usually draw my ideas roughly in my sketch books.

I usually paint on a gessoed masonite board. This is the first layer of color. Not much planning here, just simply playing with colors and textures.

Adding some graphic elements with stencils and adding few more washes of color.

Now sketching out the figure.

I ended up sanding the previous sketch. It wasn’t really working for me. This drastic change happens often with my work. I’m a very inefficient painter.

Colors and textures.


Possibly Maybe - mixed media on wood 36 x 36

Possibly Maybe - mixed media on wood 36 x 36


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