This Thursday, Kidrobot is set to release its first mini-figure toy series in about five years by Gary Baseman. The Toby’s Secret Society set begins with Toby, the protector of dreams, memories, and darkest secrets. He commands a sect of 11 spirits and brethren – the Disciple, the Princess of Secrets, the Goddess of Dreams, the Knight of Good Fortune, and the Seven Sacred Magi: Compassion, Destiny, Freedom, Lust, Love, Trust, and Truth – together they make up a select group of 3-inch figures chosen to represent the impulses of man.

There will be a special signing and release at Kidrobot’s Melrose location in Los Angeles on Thursday, Oct 20, from 6pm-8pm.  More information, including exclusive images courtesy of Gary Baseman, after the jump…


VERITAS, the Sacred Magi of Truth

LIBIDO, the Sacred Magi of Lust

AMOR, the Sacred Magi of Love

LiBERTAS, who is the Sacred Magi of Freedom

FATUM, who is the Sacred Magi of Destiny