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Openings: Korin Faught, Krista Huot, & Mia @ Corey Helford

Recently, Korin Faught, Krista Huot, and Mia opened their joint exhibition at Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City. The three talented artists, whom says are “taking the art world by storm”, have created three very unique takes on the feminine persona that span the historical art spectrum from neo-figurative to surrealist classicism. In case you missed it or would like to take a look back, here is our studio visit with Krista Huot. It provides a behind the scenes look at some of the […]

Baby Tattooville ’10 – Robert Williams Roast

Baby Tattooville 2010 featured a special tribute to Robert Williams. From helping pave the way for young artists to founding JUXTAPOZ magazine, Robert Williams has been an enormous influence on alternative art. That influence is immeasurable. Still, to get a better understanding of the artist who brought the term “low brow” into the fine arts lexicon, Baby Tattooville assembled a roast with a panel of some of the individuals closest to Mr. Williams. During the Roast, Williams was subjected to good-natured ridicule by friends Mat […]

Baby Tattooville ’10 – “Late Night Madness” with Michael Hussar

Michael Hussar returned for Baby Tattooville 2010 and once again graciously hosted one of the key events of the special weekend. Each night, Hussar’s suite became the site for non-stop late night festivities. BT attendees joined in on sketching the models in one room, while artists such as Ron English, Johnny “KMNDZ” Rodriguez, Van Arno and Robert Williams could be seen participating in photoshoots with the models, sketching under Sketch Theatre and just flat out partying. Great art, beautiful models and partying until the morning… […]

Baby Tattooville ’10 – Midnight In the Catacombs

Mission Inn’s notorious catacombs, once an underground museum that led mainly to Mt. Rubidoux and the nearby Riverside Evergreen Cemetery, had long been entirely closed off to the public.  Baby Tattooville attendees were lucky enough to be the first group gained admission to these catacombs at Baby Tattooville 2009.  This year, members of Baby Tattooville 2010 were also given the chance to visit the catacombs.  Yet, this time the experience was a bit more relaxed, involving life sketching and complimentary ice cream.  The decor in […]

Teaser: Tessar Lo – “everything we wanted, in our nostalgic future” @ Show & Tell Gallery

Recently, AM had a chance to catch up with Tessar Lo and check out some of his new paintings. Tessar has a solo exhibition, “everything we wanted, in our nostalgic future”, opening on February 5th at the Show & Tell Gallery in his hometown of Toronto. After the jump, you will find some images he shared with us as well as a time lapse video of a recent painting. Also, another great artist, Nimit Malavia, will be revealing his newest work in the gallery’s project […]

Openings: “A Cry for Help” @ Thinkspace

A couple weeks ago, Thinkspace hosted “A Cry For Help,” a show that donated part of the proceeds to support Born Free USA & the Animal Protection Institute. Featuring a long list of great artists like Josie Morway (seen above), the show was partially curated by our friend Amanda aka Commandax from Erratic Phenomena. We must say after seeing the show in person that there were many unusually strong works from most of the artists that are not always seen in group shows, so definitely check […]

Openings: “Multi-Plane Show” @ Corey Helford

AM dropped by Corey Helford Gallery’s Multi-Plane Show opening (previewed) to see how the finished pieces turned out. The gallery came up with the show’s “Multi-Plane” theme by borrowing the idea from past animation techniques where scenes were created using multiple cell layers. As we mentioned in our preview, each of the featured artists were given a kit of different transparent panes to work on that are overlaid on top of each other to give the final painting more depth and richness. Take a look […]

Studio Visits: Greg Simkins

With Greg Simkins’ “The Pearl Thief” exhibition opening next Tuesday at Gallery1988, we thought we’d visit Greg and see how things were wrapping up. Professional, organized, and family oriented – those are the first things that come to mind when first stepping into Greg’s studio. These same themes continue throughout the rest of the studio’s rooms. Greg was finishing up one of his last paintings for the upcoming show when we dropped by, but took a little break to give us a tour. In addition […]

Openings: Mia – “Riddles in the Dark” @ Corey Helford Gallery

AM had the chance to attend Mia’s “Riddles in the Dark” opening (previewed) at Corey Helford Gallery. Seeing that the show has only just recently been taken down, we thought it would be nice to take a look back. Mia’s latest body of work continued to impress and had noticeably evolved since the last time we saw her work. Check out all the photos of the opening after the jump.

Openings: An Afternoon With Greg Simkins @ G1988LA

AM dropped by Gallery 1988 LA this past Saturday and met up with our friend Greg “Craola” Simkins. Greg spent the afternoon treating everyone to live painting (previewed). Seeing Greg paint live is a rare occurrence and was truly a special treat. In addition, two different laser-engraved skate decks released along with a new print “Here Stands Matt Riddle.” Only one skate deck design was announced for this event, but a suprise second “black” design skate deck (limited to 15) was offered on Saturday as […]
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