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Preview / Video: Tara McPherson – “The Bunny in the Moon” @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

Jonathan LeVine Gallery will be hosting Tara McPherson’s newest body of work this Saturday night when her solo show “The Bunny in the Moon” opens. Babelgum took time to stop by her studio leading up to the show and interview Tara about the new paintings. It’s pretty interesting hearing her talk about different sources of inspiration that come together to form one piece. Take a look at some teaser pics we have for you after the jump…

Beyond Eden ’10: Overview

For those of you who missed it, we have a photo summary of this year’s Beyond Eden Art Fair. We’ve highlighted certain aspects of the event already, but this will give you an overview of the type of art that was seen this year (like the Dabs Myla piece seen above). Over three thousand people attended the second annual fair that is the only one of it’s kind highlighting the so-called New Contemporary art movement, and hopefully next year, it will continue to grow and […]

Teaser: Nicoletta Ceccoli – “Incubi Celesti” @ Dorothy Circus

One of our favorite artists, Nicoletta Ceccoli (interviewed), will be opening up a new solo show at the end of this month in Italy. The San Marino-based artist will be bringing a new body of work to nearby Rome to the Dorothy Circus Gallery and from the look of things, her imagery seems to be taking a darker turn. We are sure you’ll be interested in seeing a full preview, but for now, enjoy a look at this piece in the show – “Incanto”. Discuss […]

Releases: Mark Ryden – “The Tree of Life” Lithograph

Mark Ryden fans rejoice (especially those in the greater Los Angeles area). This Thursday, October 21st (8:00 a.m. PDT), Porterhouse will be releasing a limited edition (run of 500) lithograph of one of Ryden’s most beloved images – “The Tree of Life.” The reason? To commemorate the fact that the painting will be on exhibition in “The Artist’s Museum, Los Angeles Artists 1980-2010” show at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA) starting on October 31st. More detailed views after the jump…

Overtime: October 10 – October 16

Barbara Kruger provides artwork for the Nov. issue of W Magazine. Peregine Honig, from Bravo’s Work of Art S1, recently opened Loser @ Dwight Hacket Projects. Demi Moore has made some pretty smart art investing decisions. Wayne Coyne, lead singer of The Flaming Lips, screenprints using own blood. Simpsons executive producer, Al Jean, talks about infamous Banksy opening sequence. $300 Million “Michaelangelo Painting” found behind sofa in Bufallo, NY. David Choe talks about “what is hell“… Steve Powers (ESPO) talks with Butterfly about the Moniker […]

Teaser: Greg “Craola” Simkins – “Story Teller” @ Gallery 1988

With a successful NYC show over the summer (covered), Greg “Craola” Simkins (featured) will keep the ball rolling by returning to his home turf in LA for a solo at Gallery 1988. On November 5th, Story Teller will highlight a new body of street inspired, pop surrealist work with the gallery responsible for bringing Craola out of the obscurity of graffiti circles and into the warm embraces of the contemporary art world. The fairy tale narrative within Greg’s work, however unlike the stories remembered from […]

Preview: Nathan Ota x Risk @ Hurley Space

Take a look at the date of the photo above. It was taken almost 25 years ago of Nathan Ota (who recently opened his solo in LA) and RISK (of MSK fame). And yes, surprisingly like many of the fine artists we follow, Nathan had a background in graffiti. After losing touch for a long time, the duo have reunited for a collaboration mural at the Hurley Space in Orange County. Stop by to take a look for yourself on Saturday, October 16th (6-10pm) and […]

Preview: Joe Sorren – “Interruption” @ Grand Central Art Center

Last month, we brought you a look at some of the amazing sculptural work that will be exhibited during Joe Sorren’s (featured) “Interruption” retrospective. As the November opening continues to gets closer, it’s now time to take a look at the some of the paintings that will be featured at the California State University Fullerton’s Grand Central Art Center (GCAC) show. As we noted before, Joe’s first museum show will not only feature past seminal and famous works from the master painter’s illustrious career thus […]

Openings: Korin Faught, Krista Huot, & Mia @ Corey Helford

Recently, Korin Faught, Krista Huot, and Mia opened their joint exhibition at Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City. The three talented artists, whom says are “taking the art world by storm”, have created three very unique takes on the feminine persona that span the historical art spectrum from neo-figurative to surrealist classicism. In case you missed it or would like to take a look back, here is our studio visit with Krista Huot. It provides a behind the scenes look at some of the […]

Frieze 2010: Mark Ryden @ Paul Kasmin Gallery

One of the other booths we will be checking out this year at the Frieze Art Fair besides Team Gallery’s (Ryan McGinley) will be Paul Kasmin’s. Can you blame us?  Look at this beautiful new piece “Awakening the Moon” from Mark Ryden, who exhibited at the New York Gallery in May. Could another show be in the works? Discuss Mark Ryden here.