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Releases: David Shrigley – “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?” @ WORD Bookstore

On Thursday, September 22nd, David Shrigley will be at WORD Bookstore in Brooklyn, NY to celebrate the launch of WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING? The evening will include a talk, book signing and sharpie tattoos by the Glasgow-based artist. East River Tattoo will also be on hand to permanently ink Shrigley drawings onto his most serious fans, a ballsy act amongst diehard fans last seen during the Frieze 2010 Art Fair. There will also be a raffle, sponsored by Anton Kern Gallery, for the […]

Openings / Signings: “HEROES & VILLAINS” @ Launch LA

This past Thursday, Launch LA and ZERO+ Publishing put together a signing and release event to go along with the book titled Heroes & Villains with over thirty different artists featured in the book in attendance giving the fans a chance  to meet some of their favorite artists all in one place. This volume is a collection of incredible portraits shot and collected by photographers Tatiana Wills and Roman Cho during the last six years. The list of personalities included in this book feature a […]

Contests: TrustoCorp – Tabloid Magazine Interventions

After prominent public interventions in New York, Los Angeles and Miami, you’ve probably got the memo that no place is too far to travel for the urban collective known as TrustoCorp. Check out their latest project poking fun at our secret guilty pleasure – the tabloid magazines. Similar to their hilarious NYC rebranding campaign, they’ve gone into magazine stands, bookstores and pharmacies throughout Hollywood, Manhattan, Williamsburg, LAX and JFK to drop copies of these little artistic interventions for the unsuspecting public. No details were spared […]

Damien Hirst Labia Tattoo for Garage Magazine

For fans out there, the ultimate sign of their love for an artist’s imagery is to permanently tattoo it to their skin. In fact, we have featured some of these in the past and we are certain there are some readers out there right now who have taken their admiration to that level. In a high profile move, Damien Hirst recently designed a green-and-black butterfly, which was then tattooed onto the crotch of Shauna Taylor. The model has been quoted as saying – “I have a […]

Releases: Phlegm – “Illuminated Alphabet” Book

The newest zine that Phlegm had been hard at work at (first mentioned here) has finally been made available and what a beauty it is. The postcard size book is completely handmade and painstakingly silk-screened as each letter is illustrated in the UK-based street artist’s signature imagery. The edition size is 300 and priced shipped to UK addresses for £10 and anywhere outside the UK fro £11.50 (with a simple version slightly cheaper). More images after the jump…

Preview: Tauba Auerbach – “A Book Is Not An X” @ Glen Horowitz Booksellers (East Hampton)

This evening out on the tip of Long Island, Tauba Auerbach will be unveiling a new body of experimental work at the Glen Horowitz Bookseller’s East Hampton space. Hosted by owner John McWhinnie and curated by Jeremy Sanders from 6 Decades Books, A Book Is Not An X continues Auerbach’s insatiable appetite for the methodical and mathematical. Through a series of six “books”, essentially sculptures that deconstruct and recontectualize the book as it’s conventional perceived into a wholly unique aesthetic form (in a similar, yet […]

Tim O’Brien – “Tupac at 40” for XXL Mag

How would Tupac look at 40?  XXL magazine tries to answer this question with the 15-year anniversary of the rapper’s death coming up in September. Illustrator Tim O’Brien, whose death of Osama bin Laden cover for Time as well as sweet Charlie Brown painting we covered in the past, was tapped to paint his vision of the middle aged gangster rapper if he was still alive for the upcoming issue.  As he explained in his blog, this version of Tupac is if the years treated […]


According to our friend Amanda Erlanson, the long awaited HEROES & VILLAINS book has finally been released. In it, photographers Tatiana Wills and Roman Cho take snapshots of many of the artists we follow here on AM. Not only are the resulting portraits technically sound, the duo were able to capture the essence of each artist – for example, Shawn Barber (featured) and his tattoos, Tiffany Bozic and her bird, or SHAG (interviewed) in a modern retro setting. We’ve seen the publication in person and were quite […]

Releases: James Jean – “Smoke Signal No. 9”

For those needing to get your fix of James Jean (featured) art and can’t wait for the Rebus release, here is a look at the latest issue of Smoke Signal. Getting back to his roots, James worked on the cover for the all-comics newspaper (Issue #9) published by Desert Island. The publication is free if you stop by the store in Brooklyn or you can order it online for $3 here. More photos after the jump…

Preview / Publications: James Jean – “Rebus”

In addition to an impressive selection of new paintings and prints on display at Martha Otero’s booth during Art HK ’11 several weeks ago (covered), an advance copy of James Jean’s Rebus was also on hand for attendees to immerse themselves into. Sophisticated in design and comprehensive in scope, the publication will serve as the first extensive catalog of the talented Los Angeles-based artist’s fine art efforts since moving on from cover art guru of graphic comic Fables. Named in honor of his most recent […]