Opening his first solo exhibition in London over the weekend, LUDO (interviewed) yet again showed his artistic dexterity in multiple mediums at High Roller Society. Much like his Zurich solo back in April, Metamorphosis (previewed) offered an strong selection of large graphite and oil drawings, focusing on his signature weaponized insects. Preferring to work on paper, these large scale works illustrate the French artist’s deft drawing abilities and provide reference to the massive paper wheatpastes he utilizes for his street work.

The focal point of the show, however, was the eerie, Silence of the Lambs inspired entomological laboratory. Technicians clad in lab coats and wearing latex gloves roamed the incubation facilities, where one-off polyamide and spraypaint sculptures based off his more well-known mutated creatures were displayed in glass enclosed environs. Produced by a small Belgium firm from the LUDO’s hand-sculpted prototypes, the unique figures served as intricate three-dimensional renderings of his vision, in a similar vein to his recently released The Cacktus sculpture.

Some additional goodies were released at the opening, the first being a hand-pulled screenprint, entitled e-Lepidoptera. From a signed and numbered edition of 25, the print is hand embellished by LUDO with green and white acrylics. All leftover copies are now available on their website for £120.00 GBP. Additionally, a limited 72-page full color book, with hand-made watercolor drawing, was available at the opening, with any leftover copies available here.

Check out an image of the the print, as well as a bunch of shots from the opening by nolionsinengland after the jump.

"e-Lepidoptera" Print Release

Photos via nolionsinengland.
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