David Choe has been a very busy man lately.  He’s prepped a few goodies for your holiday gift bag! First up is his Dark Circles Watercolor from Outer Edge Studio. This is his FIRST ever watercolor to be made into a print.

Dark Circles by David Choe
16″x16″ with 2″ border, giclee print on Arches paper
Signed/numbered edition of 150 pieces priced at $350 each
Avail: Tuesday, Dec 2nd @ 1pm (PST) via Outer Edge Studio

Additional book and another print release after the jump.

At the Outsider’s show, David told AM to look out for his new book from Laz. Well, it just came out and its limited to 500, so get on the horn with Laz and order. It has many watercolors and artwork from his past shows, so this is definitely something to pick up if you enjoy David’s work. More info here.

Finally, David’s beautiful painting “EXODUS FROM THE LAND OF PLAY” from the Outsider show will be made into a print from Burlesque Design.

This 5 x 6 foot painting will be made into a 33 x 30 inch (28 x 23.75 image size), 13 color screen print. (rumored with possible glow in the dark and florescent inks).  David also indicated that he may draw and hand finish some of these prints. This should be released sometime before Christmas so keep an eye on Burlesque Design to get the drop.

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