AM had the chance to stop by Joshua Liner Gallery to check out two great shows: Unexpected Occurrences by Oliver Vernon and Unfinished Business by Crash (previewed). Both of these artists took us by surprise with their unique styles. Crash has long been regarded as one of the pioneers of graffiti art, but we noticed his works brought a mix of Lichtenstein meets the streets. His raw yet pop-y images leaped out to grab our attention as we passed by each painting. 

Oliver Vernon had a very interesting mix of geometric conformity vs. the forces of nature. “Organized Chaos” was the term that came to mind as we pondered his paintings. Using various mediums and techniques, these detailed paintings have an energy that draws your eyes in every direction. Both the shows were definitely worth our trek up to Chelsea, so we recommend that you hurry and check out the show before it ends this weekend.

All the pictures after the jump.