It seems that KAWS mania is not only limited to the United States. KAWS’ latest vinyl toy, the Dissected Bearbrick, is a collaboration between Original Fake and Medicom.  This Bearbrick is designed after Kaws’ famous “Dissected Companion.” Like the fans that waited in line to see the opening of Kaws’ latest show at Honor Fraser (covered), fans in Asia (Tokyo & Taiwan) were also willing to camp out for a chance to purchase his rare products.  Last weekend, Taiwan’s premier fashion retailer Invincible sold all three sizes of the Bearbrick to Kaws’ zealous but patient fans.

The line in Taiwan started the night before at Invincible and by morning, over 500 fans were eagerly awaiting their lottery tickets to get a chance at nabbing these snazzy collectibles. Check out the extensive coverage from our boys at Freshness.

Just in case you guys missed the frenzy in Asia… US fans can try to get one today at Noon EST on Kawsone