Here at AM, we simply can’t get enough of Brazilian street and urban art. The unique style, flair, vibrancy and most importantly its underlying grittiness create the perfect mind and retina stimulating combination. Last month’s São Paulo show at Scion Installation LA (covered) only reinforced this. Like us, we’re sure our readers have also been yearning for more. We bring you two videos to temporarily satisfy your cravings.

The first video is a peek inside the Brazilian urban art scene, exploring how Choque Cultural got their start and features the street work of Carlos Dias, Daniel Melim, Titi Freak, and Zezão (Note: 80% English, sit back and enjoy the visuals of the other 20% if you don’t understand Portuguese). In the second video, filmmaker Jaoa Wainer takes a close look at pixacao, the unique graffiti style pervasive throughout São Paulo.