Shepard Fairey announced that in celebration of Obama’s presidential victory, a special limited print will be released through tomorrow. With all proceeds going to MoveOn – an organization which aims to bring real Americans back into the political process.  The release will be on Nov. 7th at 9:30AM PST (12:30PM PST) via HERE.  This print will be an unsigned edition numbered up to 5000. Postponed until Saturday Nov. 9th at 9:30AM PST, looks like there will 1000 signed ones for a larger donation of $500. Shepard has also made this print into a sticker and you can get it free if you make a $3 donation. Click here for more info.

Finally AM would like to be (one of the last) to congratulate Shepard on a job well done. Inspiring an entire generation to take political action and think for progress and change isn’t something that occurs everyday. Usually, it’s the politicians who seek to inspire from their unique position of influence. But using simple guerrilla urban pasting and savvy iconic artistry, Shepard set off a chain reaction at the beginning this year that culminated in the most successful modern day political election and has forever changed the face of this nation.

We leave you with a video… CBS Evening News: Designer Of Iconic Obama Image On His Creation.  Shepard and the Obama HOPE image was featured last night on the CBS NEWS with Katie Couric. For those of you who missed here is the clip: