Like Mike Leavitt (interviewed), Eugenio Merino is another artist who sculpts caricatures of other artists, but he does it in a more satirical fashion.  We here at AM are sure most of our readers first noticed this Spanish artist’s work after seeing his Hirst-inspired sculpture earlier this year.  This time, he takes aim at Takashi Murakami by placing his head on the body of the prostitute Julia Roberts portrays in the popular movie “Pretty Woman,” obviously implying Murakami has sold out with his increasingly retail endeavors.

Although we are not sure we necessarily agree, Merino states (via google translate) that: “There is certain contradiction between art and design – and Murakami has clearly chosen money. The sculpture wears an original Louis Vuitton bag designed by Murakami.”  The piece will be on display with ADN Gallery the Volta Art Fair.

Via Animal.
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