Joe Sorren 'The Fountainhead At the Witnessing of a Moment in Time' from Joshua Liner's summer group show opening this Sat in NYC

Joe Sorren

If you are in New York City this weekend, DO NOT MISS the amazing lineup of artists in Joshua Liner Gallery’s “Summer Group Show,” (previewed) many of whom are showing for the first time with Liner and debuting the goodness to come from upcoming shows. Some great shows going off this weekend, so get out and support your local art scene.

The full overview of the onslaught of art after the jump.


Sat, August 15th 6-9PM
Joshua Liner Gallery
548 W. 28th Street, 3rd Floor, New York / 212.244.7415
Summer Group Show featuring works from Dave Kinsey, Candice Tripp, Cleon Peterson, Damon Soule, Evan Hecox, Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins, James Roper, Joe Sorren, Jud Bergeron, Chloe Early, Pat Rocha, Kenji Hirata, Robert Hardgrave, Ryan McLennan, Shawn Barber, Stanley Donwood, Stella Im Hultberg, SUB, Sylvia Ji, Tat Ito, Tiffany Bozic, Travis Louie, Tristram Lansdowne, and ZAnPon

Logan Hicks

Logan Hicks

LOS ANGELES, CA (home to the movement):

Fri, August 14th 7-11PM
4210 Santa Monica Blvd. (near Sunset Junction), Los Angeles / 323.913.3375
“MODART: 20 Issues & All That Lay Ahead” with featured artist Mr. Jago plus special installations from Nomad and Guillaume Desmarets and a group show featuring works from Bo130, Brooke Reidt, Chris Bourke, Christopher Lambert, Dave The Chimp, El Gato Chimney, Ephameron, Faith 47, Galo, Guillaume Desmarets, Invisible Heroes (Admir Jahic and Comenius Roethlisberger), Jon Burgerman, KuKula, Landry and Limbo, Logan Hicks, Lyle Owerko, Microbo, Morcky, Mr. Jago, Nomad, Ruedione, SheOne, Stefan Strumbel, Stephen Smith (aka Neasden Control Centre), Tim Biskup, Vincent Skoglund, and Will Barras
(On view through Sept. 4th)

Sat, August 15th 3-5PM
Bert Green Fine Art
102 West 5th Street, Los Angeles
Book-signing event with Barron Storey for “Life After Black” and this will be the last day to view his exhibit “Cardboard Town”

Sat, August 15th 7-10:30PM
Black Maria Gallery
3137 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles / 818.613.9090
“Mutation” featuring customized vinyl toys from the likes of Jeremiah Ketner, Brent Nolasco, Kendra Binney, Zombie Monkie, Podgy Panda, Camden Noir, Draifet, Brian Collins, 64 Colors, Okedoki and many more plus new works from Christopher Uminga on the project wall
(On view through Sept. 5th)

Sat, August 15th 7-10PM
Corey Helford Gallery
8522 Washington Blvd., Culver City / 310.287.2340
“India” featuring new works from Carlos Ramos

Sat, August 15th 6:30-10PM + Yard Sale on Sunday
2062 Sawtelle Blvd., Los Angeles / 310.445.9276
“Junk In The Trunk” group show featuring an assortment of new and old works from a vast array of artists including the likes of Apak!, Christopher Bettig, Tessar Lo, Albert Reyes, Steven Weissman, Mari Inukai, David Horvath, and many, many more
(On view through Sept. 16th)

Sat, August 15th 2-5PM
Merry Karnowsky Gallery
170 South La Brea Ave., Los Angeles / 323.933.4408
Book-signing event with Todd Schorr for his new book ‘American Surreal’ – wine & cookies will be served

Sat, August 15th 7-10PM
SCION Installation L.A.
3521 Helms Ave., Culver City / 310.815.8840
“Flux Super 8” featuring eight of the most exciting and emerging young artists working in film, video, music and design
(On view through Sept. 5th)

Sat, August 15th 6-8PM
Tarryn Teresa Gallery
1820 Industrial Street, #230, Los Angeles
“Unnatural History” featuring new sculptures from Joshua Levine
(On view through Sept. 17th)

Sylvia Ji

Sylvia Ji


Fri, August 14th 7-10PM
Factory Fresh
1053 Flushing Avenue between Morgan and Knickerbocker, Brooklyn
“Brooklyn Bailout Burlesque” featuring works from Jon Burgerman, Jim Avignon, Roman de Milk & Wodka, Ema, Asuka Ohsawa, Daniel Dueck, and Christine Young

Sat, August 15th 6:30-10PM
Giant Robot NY
437 E. Ninth Street between 1st Ave. & Ave. A, in the East Village, New York
“My American Summer” featuring new works from Jon Burgerman
(On view through Sept. 16th)

Sat, August 15th 7-10PM
The Fuse Gallery
93 2nd Avenue (between 5th & 6th Streets), New York
“Please Be Welcome” curated by Damian Weinkrantz and featuring works from Kris Chau, Gina Triplett, Adam Wallacavage, Sto, Ted Passon, Will Buzzell, Thom Lessner, Ben Woodward and much more
(On view through Sept. 12th)

Sat, August 15th 6-9PM
Joshua Liner Gallery
548 West 28th St., 3rd Floor, New York / 212.244.7415
“Summer Group Exhibition” featuring work from Candice Tripp, Chloe Early, Cleon Peterson, Damon Soule, Dave Kinsey, Evan Hecox, Greg Simkins, James Roper, Joe Sorren, Jud Bergeron, Kenji Hirata, Pat Rocha, Robert Hardgrave, Ryan McLennan, Shawn Barber, Stanley Donwood, Stella Im Hultberg, SUB (Tony Curanaj), Sylvia Ji, Tat Ito, Tiffany Bozic,/ Travis Louie, Tristram Lansdowne and ZAnPon.
(On view through September 5th)

Shawn Barber

Shawn Barber


Fri, August 14th 7-10PM
1:AM Gallery
1000 Howard St., San Francisco / 415.861.5089
Attaboy, also known as Daniel Seifert and co-founder of Hi-Fructose magazine, presents “Antidote,” his first solo exhibition in SF since 2001. The show will include recent works that represent a swarm of his latest art in unlikely mediums. His imagination has been carved out by intricate detailed stencil paintings on plastic that project shadows, hyper-unrealistic color pencil drawings, hand painted resin cast sculptures, and an infestation of fungus style paintings.
(On view through September 5th)

Sat, August 15th 7-11PM
Shooting Gallery SF
839 Larkin St., San Francisco / 415-931-8035
“Tattooed Portraits – Snapshots,” a new body of work by Shawn Barber this August. Contrasting between realistic figurative painting, art history and tattoo culture, this exhibit showcases Barber’s signature brush work.
(On view through September 7th)

Shepard Fairey

Shepard Fairey


Fri, August 14th 7-10PM
The Warhol Museum (Directly across from)
117 Sandusky Street, Pittsburgh, OBEY Giant, Netroots Nation invite you to a special party to commemorate the unveiling of a new outdoor installation by Shepard Fairey – “Clean Energy for America.”

Sat, August 15th 6PM
Art Whino Gallery
173 Waterfront Street in National Harbor, MD
“Innocence & Arrogance” featuring new works from Brandi Read and Arabella Proffer

Sat, August 15th 7-10PM
M Modern Gallery
2500 N. Palm Canyon Dr., #B5 in Palm Springs, CA / 760.416.3611
“Pre-Existing Condition” benefit for diabetes featuring the work of Shepard Fairey, David Stoupakis, Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins, Anthony Ausgang, KRK Ryden, Heather Ritts, Big Toe, Anna Impullitti and many more

Sat, August 15th 7-11PM
1818 15th Street in Tampa, FL / 813.241.2435
“Insert Metaphor Here” featuring new works from Seth Armstrong ad Adam 5100
(On view through Oct. 1st)



LONDON action:

Thu, August 13th 6PM
Pure Evil Gallery
108 Leonard St., London / 020.7729.2866
Pure Evil presents his first London solo show in two years at his Pure Evil Gallery in Leonard Street. The exhibition features a series of 5 American Landscape Paintings and a series of Lost Innocence paintings upstairs. In the basement of the Pure Evil Gallery the show steps up a notch. Take a trip inside the dark mind of Pure Evil . A kaleidoscopic journey through his psyche-delic headspace where images collide to create an eclectic world of original artworks with a dark gallows humour.

Fri, August 14th
Lazarides (Rathbone Place)
11 Rathbone Place, London / 207.636.5443
“Low Fidelity,” an exhibition of all new works by Invader. Low Fidelity will feature all new works from the series Rubikcubism. Using the famous 80’s puzzle game’s cubes as pixels, the artist has recreated album covers by rock bands such as the Velvet Underground, The Cure, Roxy Music, David Bowie and Michael Jackson. In addition to these classic images as well as a selection of sculptures and original works on paper, Invader has taken the pixelated image one-step further crafting his very own “barcodes”. These abstract works are only discernable with the aid of a mobile phone digital camera, the image from which is then ‘decoded’ into a text message.
(On view through September 17th)

Julian Callos

Julian Callos

CANADA action:

Fri, August 14th
Show & Tell Gallery
1161 Dundas St. West, Toronto
“The Kids Are Alright” an exhibition showcasing the work from a selection of young artists that have recently graduated or are still attending art school. This international exhibition includes artists from Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, London and hail from some of the top art schools in the world including Otis, Art Center, Sheridan Institute, RISD and Parsons. Participating artists will have new work at each of the five gallery exhibitions. The tour will premiere at T and P Fine Art (Philadelphia, PA) and make its way to Subtext (San Diego, CA), Black Maria Gallery (Los Angeles, CA), Show & Tell Gallery (Toronto, Canada) and finally stop at London Miles Gallery (London, UK).
(On view through September 6th)

As always, please be sure to check out Sour Harvest for a more in-depth look at additional events taking place in the Los Angeles new contemporary art scene.