We know that a lot of folks are itching to see what the UK artist D*Face is going to serve up for his U.S. solo show, “Ludovico Aversion Therapy / All Your Dreams Belong To Us” at Jonathan Levine Gallery in NYC, and we’ve been just as eager to see the new work as anyone else.

We stopped by D’s studio recently, and saw some of his preparations for the show. Read on for more details and pictures after the jump…

We understand that there will be a variety of work in the show, ranging from small “affordable” pieces, sculptures, to large “exquisite corpse” based compositions, along with some brand new iconographic D*Face screen prints seen underway here – something for everyone.

There are big plans for a gallery installation, and there will be a cool giveaway item available at the opening, so if you are in town on the 12th September, mark your calendar now!

Look out on AM for an interview with D*Face over the next few days, plus further coverage of the show from the local AM team.

Pictures by Viktor Vauthier via D*Face.
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