Less than a month after Dan Attoe‘s highly successful solo exhibition, I’m Done Worryin’ About Shit, at Peres Projects in Los Angeles came to a close, the gallery featured the artist in a solo show at Art Basel Miami.  The show consisted of Attoe’s meticulously rendered paintings and large-scale, highly illuminated neon sculptures.  It certainly was one of the most spectacular booths at Basel’s Art Nova section.

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While Attoe’s paintings (they were fantastic) are always a treat to see in person, it was the sculptures that were the star attraction.  It turned the entire Peres Projects booth into a radiant glowing center of light and really stood out among its more subdued neighbors.  These neon pieces must be seen in person, due to their size, vivid colors, and effects.   It was a genuine treat to visit this impressive show at Basel.

Peres Projects owner Javier Peres pictured left

Peres Projects owner Javier Peres seen left