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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Streets: More Blu in Berlin – Global Warming

Do you believe in global warming? If you remember, Banksy does, despite his tongue-in-cheek statement to the contrary. Now, we know Blu does too after this clever new piece in Berlin (another Berlin piece here) that shows that it’s only a matter of time before our cities are submerged. Another look after the jump….

SDCC ’10: Exhibitors and Displays

To say that the San Diego Comic Con is a sensory overload would be an understatement. The top industry names go all out with their displays and booths promoting the latest films, comic books, and toys. Walk a couple of steps in any direction and attendees are taking pictures with a life-size Transformer or Iron Man or Harry Potter character. The immersive experience is unlike any other convention out there. Some of the names AM readers are sure to be familiar with include Last Gasp […]

Takashi Murakami x Casio G-Shock Frogman

Superflat master Takashi Murakami has created an eye-popping G-Shock “Frogman” watch with Casio. The cool collaboration features his trademark “Flower” emblem etched on the black metal casing and the strap features his signature on the front. The watch comes in a specially packaged and designed watch pillow also featuring his artwork. This collaboration will be limited to 300 and will be released on September 11th later this year. Check out a detailed look after the jump.

Openings: M-City & Boogie @ Carmichael Gallery

Carmichael Gallery recently opened two shows at their Culver City gallery and although the artists use different mediums and subject matter, their work is both deeply rooted in the streets. M-City’s work was both mechanical in appearance and in physical attributes.  It included works that included levers and pulleys. The machine-like works contained images of M-City’s futuristic black and white industrial factories and buildings that contain no signs of human life. Boogie’s work, in contrast, was all about the city and the people within it.  […]

SDCC ’10: Costumes and Characters

Part of the immersive Comic Con experience for many is dressing up as their favorite character (or just one they strongly resemble) or interacting with and watching others in costume. It’s like the best organized Halloween party ever. Many attendees really go all out with some fantastic get-ups. They all help make the SDCC experience memorable and provide some wonderful photo opportunities. Check out our selection of them after the jump…

Openings: “Come As You Are” @ PRISM

Last night, the PRISM gallery on the Sunset Strip hosted a group exhibition “Come As You Are” in conjunction with New Image Art and RVCA. Featuring an eclectic collection of artists across all genres, the show included Susanne Melanie Berry, Kelsey Brookes (featured), Richard Colman (interviewed), Dennis Hopper, Ryan McGinness, Cleon Peterson, Clare Rojas, Craig Stecyk, Deanna Templeton, Ed Templeton and a video by Cheryl Dunn of Dash Snow as well as the three artists below. In particular, we liked the pieces by Os Gemeos […]

Streets: Jeremy Fish & Sam Flores in Guadalajara

After Jeremy Fish (featured) finished up with his show at Fifty24PDX (covered), he traveled to Gudalajara, Mexico to give a talk and run a workshop with Sam Flores (interviewed). The bad news is that it was canceled, but the good news is they had time to put up this nice joint mural. More pics after the jump…

Preview: Jonathan LeVine Gallery – “Annual Summer Invitational”

The cool thing about the “Annual Summer Invitational” at Jonathan LeVine Gallery is that we get to see some fresh faces that haven’t had an opportunity to grace the gallery walls before. As mentioned earlier, this year’s lineup looks promising with many faces familiar to AM readers taking stage with brand new works. Artists such as Nicoletta Ceccoli (interviewed), Tran Nguyen, Alex McLeod, Andrew Hem (interviewed), Becca Midwood, Evol, Judith Supine, Lola (featured), Morgan Slade, Marco Mazzoni, Nate Frizzell (featured), Oliver Warden and Oscar de las Flores […]

Streets: Blu in Berlin

Blu, whose stunning mural in Warsaw we recently pointed out, apparently was also in Berlin. The Italian street artist, who likes to work in large scale, put up a more simple piece, but no less poignant. With what looks like a representation of the Berlin Wall coming down, there also appears to be a wall of Euro’s that replaces it or is also about to fall, depending how you look at it. Is he referring to the unity of Europe (represented by the Euro) that […]

Events: Retna Installation @ Rivera & Rivera

Our friends at Rivera & Rivera just let us know about their reception tonight from 8-11pm for a new floor-to-ceiling installation by abstract L.A. street artist Retna. The scope of the project looks impressive, so if you are in the area, RSVP to [email protected] and check it out. See a few additional preview images, after the jump.