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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Showing: George Lucas’ & Steven Spielberg’s Norman Rockwell Collection @ Smithsonian

So, it turns out that George Lucas and Steven Spielberg have a vast collection of original Norman Rockwell paintings and drawings. Luckily for us, they are willing to share these iconic pieces with the public in the form of an exhibition, “Telling Stories”, at the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, D.C. The exhibition, highlighting the connections between the master storyteller with American life and the movies, opened earlier this month and will continue into Janurary 2011. More examples of the 57 works on display […]

Streets: Sam3 for Insitu Festival (Spain)

After doing some good work for this year’s Fame Festival, Sam3 moves on to another gathering of street artists, this time in Spain. The new Insitu Festival (see Escif’s piece), the brainchild of Madrid artist San, was held in walled city of Cáceres, Spain – a city known for their stork’s nests of all things. When taken in that context, this beautiful piece from the master of the silhouettes begins to make more sense. A closer look at this mural after the jump, as well […]

Teaser: Eric Joyner – “Donut Logic” @ Corey Helford Gallery

Robots and donuts – a perfect combination that has worked for year after year, show after show – who knew? Of course, we are talking about the work of Eric Joyner, who will be opening a new solo show – “Donut Logic” at Corey Helford Gallery in August. Often locked in epic battles or involved in unlikely scenes where the protagonists and antagonists have been been replaced by tin robots and donuts of various shapes and sizes, Joyner’s characters are painted with a sort of […]

Openings: “Lead Poisoning” & Jason D’Aquino Solo @ Last Rites Gallery

Earlier this month, Last Rites Gallery in New York hosted “Lead Poisoning”, a group show that included a surprisingly strong list of participants. Artists like David Stoupakis, Eric White (interviewed), Glenn Barr, Ron English (featured), Chet Zar, Esao Andrews (interviewed), Chris Mars, Greg Simkins (interviewed), Robert Williams, Brian Despain (interviewed) and many others contributed drawings to exhibition. Add in a solo show from Jason D’Aquino, who seems to work exclusively in graphite, and the evening was complete. Take a look at all the openings pics […]

Giveaways: The D*Face x Arrested Motion – *Face Painting Contest & Skatedeck Giveaway

Heads up for a great giveaway that D*Face has given to readers of Arrested Motion. You saw the flicks we got of D putting together this stenciled skate ramp recently, and then we got first sight of the new uber-limited skate decks at the recent StolenSpace Summer Group Show… This set of three screen-printed skate decks has been produced by Real Skateboards in conjunction with D*Face in a limited edition of just 10 sets. A less limited full color set has also been produced, which […]

Ben Eine’s Strangest Week

And so, a very unique and a very strange week for Ben Eine has come to an end. Unless your head has been in the sand, you’ll have seen that his painting “21st Century City” was gifted to Barack Obama by British Prime Minister David Cameron, and as a result, Eine has been all over the news – TV, radio and the papers – even some of AM’s own pictures appeared in The Guardian amongst a variety of other places. A multitude of articles appeared […]

Openings: Melissa Haslam – “Botanica” @ LeBasse Projects

“Botanica,” Melissa Haslam’s (featured) newest solo show, recently opened at LeBasse Projects in Culver City. These new paintings represent the first full body of work since the Melbourne-based artist changed up her style a little with works featuring more portraiture and detail. The new direction clearly shows as the pieces are more focused and and the increased detail has led to having some of her paintings being mistaken for digital work. Of course, Melissa continues to infuse her love for nature in her work, as […]

Overtime: July 18 – 24

New work from Snyder, Hyuro, and Elbow Toe. Momo gets down for the Fame Festival. People are being deceived ~ Os Gemeos. Wallkandy talks to Lucy McLauchlan, Vandalog talks to Conor Harrington. Gigantic M-City train hits LA. ASKEW x RIME x REVOK x DABS x MYLA on video. Linnea Strid takes her paintings of water to a new level. A glimpse at the new Fisher collection at SFMOMA. The Selby visits Tom Sachs.

Showing: Kelsey Brookes – “Total Eclipse” Group Show @ New Image Art

Earlier this month, San Diego based artist Kelsey Brookes was part of a three-person show at New Image Art entitled “New Eclipse”. For this show, not only did Brookes include his colorful and abstract “explosion” paintings, he also added a twist – spinners and puzzles. The spinners were paintings that spun in place while hung on the wall (video here) and the puzzles were pieces that included interchangeable parts so that collectors could rearrange them at will. More photos after the jump…

Streets: Andrea Michaelsson (Btoy) in Warsaw

Andrea Michaelsson of Btoy fame recently posted up images of some work she did in Warsaw recently. The Barcelona-based artist worked over some benches at a railway station with her soft imagery. She was in town for a show at a local cafe, Cafe Spokojna, where she showcased originals, prints as well as redoing the cafe doors. More images after the jump…