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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Openings: Dennis Hopper – “Double Standard” @ MOCA

The Jeffrey Deitch era at MOCA has officially begun with his first show as director of the esteemed institution – Dennis Hopper’s Double Standard. The retrospective, curated by Julian Schnabel and with assistance from dealer Tony Shafrazi, takes place at MOCA’s Geffen Contemporary location and includes Hopper’s photographs, sculptures, films, and paintings, which included elements of pop, abstract expressionism, photorealism, and graffiti. With the actor and artist’s recent death still fresh in the minds of everyone in attendance, the exhibition was a timely one and […]

Streets: Michael De Feo in Hong Kong

It looks like while Michael De Feo was in Hong Kong for his show at No Borders Art, he also had time to get up around the city. Along with his classic flower pieces, he also used some of the abstract imagery seen in his new body of work. More pics after the jump…

Openings / Giveaway: Dan Baldwin – “A New Life” @ Signal Gallery

Dan Baldwin’s solo, “A New Life”, recently opened at Signal Gallery, and AM stopped by to take a look at the new work on show. Dan’s new collection of paintings brings a more subtle and controlled approach to his work, triggered, in his words, by a change of surroundings from the city to the countryside and also his impending fatherhood (Baldwin Jr. attended the opening in utero!). There still are the typical chaotic Baldwin moments within the compositions, but he seems to have tamed the […]

Teaser: Melissa Haslam – “Botanica” @ LeBasse Projects

We recently ran into Aussie artist Melissa Haslam (featured) at the Jonathan Yeo opening and talked to her a little about her upcoming show at LeBasse Projects. She sounded excited about her new body of work and so are we, after seeing this little peek at a piece from the show. It looks like she is continuing to work on adding more detail to her work as well as exploring her fascination with plants and flora even more with this new show entitled – “Botanica”. […]

Streets: Shepard Fairey for Viva La Revolucion (Part 1)

As we hinted in our facebook page yesterday, AM photographer, Cecilia Do, has been monitoring the progress of the mural Shepard Fairey (featured) has been working on in San Diego. The massive undertaking, located in Hillcrest (on Fifth between University and Washington) is part of the public works slated for the big Viva La Revolucion show opening this weekend at the MCASD. Take our look at other artists who have put up pieces already (here), as well as more pics of Shep and his crew […]

Openings: Travis Louie – “Curious Myths” @ Joshua Liner Gallery

On Saturday night, Travis Louie (featured) premiered his latest body of work entitled “Curious Myths” at Joshua Liner Gallery. Opening along with peer Sylvia Ji (covered), this show was another consistently detailed and creative endeavor that we come to expect from Mr. Louie. Going big was no problem for the master monochromatic painter as we saw some rather large and extraordinary pieces from the New York native. The hometown crowd definitely showed up in force to support the show. This must see show runs until […]

Openings: Sylvia Ji – “Las Adelitas” @ Joshua Liner Gallery

This past Saturday, AM attended the opening of Sylvia Ji’s (interviewed) “Las Adelitas” at Joshua Liner Gallery. The solo exhibition is Sylvia’s first in New York (previewed). Showcasing her signature Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) portraiture style, she honed in on the theme of “Las Adelitas”: the female fighters of the Mexican Revolution. Seeing her works in person gave us a whole new level of appreciation for the west coast artist. The eyes of her characters constantly draw the attention of the […]

Streets / Video: ABOVE in Los Angeles

After a successful show at White Walls for Bay Area-based ABOVE (interviewed), the nomadic street artist decided to travel down to Southern Cali for a four-month long summer tour. Although not as exotic as many of the other locales he has visited in the name of art, Los Angeles seems to be a perfect spot for his newest project – a revival of his iconic arrow mobiles – this time with a Hollywood twist. Take a look at the many spots he hit up with […]

Video: Bender from Futurama as Invader

Just like the previous intersections of popular animated series and our art world (see Souther Salazar x Family Guy, Shepard Fairey x Family Guy, Shepard Fairey x South Park,  and Ron English x Simpsons), Futurama has now upped the ante with a clip of Bender running around putting up “street art” stylized after the tile work of Invader. Via Mike Maxwell. Discuss Invader here.

Openings: “Brush Strokes” @ V1 Gallery

Last week, Copenhagen’s V1 gallery opened the stunning new show “Brush Strokes,” featuring the works of Todd James (aka REAS) and Lydia Fong (aka Barry McGee). According to the V1 site, the title of the exhibition is a reference to the humorous NYC public-access TV show. McGee filled the gallery with several large scale installations — a text-heavy cluster of new style panels, another of only geometrics and another framed photos and paper pieces — as well as several smaller works, while James contributed a […]