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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Streets: Shepard Fairey for Viva La Revolucion (Part 3)

After finishing his mural in Hillcrest for the Viva La Revolucion exhibition, Shepard Fairey’s (featured) moved to the next spot – South Park (29th and Ivy). From the looks of things, this piece will be a larger version of his “Burmese Monk” image. Those in San Diego, make sure you get out and find all these street gems by these major artists as most likely, this will be the only time in the near future where you will have this opportunity in your hometown. More […]

Releases: Audrey Kawasaki Brooches

Those Audrey Kawasaki (interviewed) brooches that made us the envy of all our art friends are finally available as a general release this Saturday, July 17th at 3 pm (Pacific Time). Originally released only to attendees of Baby Tattooville 2009 (where we got ours), these momentos will be limited to 1200 from Audrey’s website were you need to register in order to by one. Check more info on her blog and take a look at more detailed pics after the jump…

Preview / Installation: AJ Fosik & Bill McRight – “Count Back From Nothing” @ David B. Smith Gallery

David B. Smith Gallery weighs in this month with yet another stellar looking exhibition opening Friday, July 16th with the pairing of sculptors AJ Fosik and Bill McRight in the two person show “Count Back From Nothing”. Fosik’s three dimensional animalia sculptures have jumped off the walls at us here at AM on many occasions before, and we’re always excited to see what this artist brings with each set of new work. The layering of found wood and other elements that goes into each of […]

Previews: “Graffolution” @ Soapstone Gallery

Tonight is the opening of “Graffolution” at the Soapstone Gallery in Midtown New York. The street art centric line-up is packed with a list of artists such as: Subtexture, Matt Siren, See One, Sae Ster, Eric Orr, Meres, Joe Russo, Rob Lucinano, Billi Kid, Fumero, Vickipages, Josh Goldstein, Masasahiro Ito, UR New York (2ESAE & SKI) , Peat Wollaeger (stenSOUL), Veng (Robots Will Kill), Daniel “Krave” Fila, Charlie Green, Toofly, Erotica, Abe Lincoln Jr, Clark Fly ID, Ribs, KA, Ellis G, Joe Iurato, Slave, Sane 2, Gigi […]

Highlights: Recommended Openings (July 15-17)

There are some major shows taking place this weekend the world over, but none more important than the major ‘Viva La Revolucion’ show down in San Diego at the San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art that opens this Saturday evening. Curated by Pedro Alonzo, the man responsible for Shepard’s recent museum show at the ICA Boston has pulled out all the stops for this one. See our coverage of the show and surrounding outdoor installs coming together here and be sure to get down to […]

Streets: Shepard Fairey for Viva La Revolucion (Part 2)

After stopping by earlier to this week to catch the beginning of Shepard Fairey’s (featured) mural in Hillcrest, AM went back to snap some pics of the finished mural. Shep has already moved on to the next spot (more on that later) as he is pasting up San Diego to prep for Viva La Revolucion opening this weekend. More detailed pics from our friend, Stephanie Fong, after the jump…

Streets: Os Gemeos for Viva La Revolucion

It seems like every time there is an important museum exhibiton, art festival or fair, Os Gemeos is sure to be invited to participate. Who can blame the curators though as the twins never cease to amaze with their indoor and outdoor works featuring colorful and imaginative characters showcasing the vigor and lifeblood of Brazil? Coming off their work for Fame Fest ’10, Otavio and Gustavo join the list of who’s who in street art in sunny San Diego for the epic “Viva La Revolucion” […]

Robert Longo x Bottega Veneta

In the ’80s, it was Robert Longo who originated the often-imitated (Apple iPod ads, anyone?) style of twisting, turning, and contorting action shots in his series Men in the Cities. Recently, Bottega Veneta came correct by hiring the artist to work on their ad campaign, instead of copying him. Longo’s photographs will appear in the Fall-Winter 2010/2011 marketing materials for the high-fashion label, continuing the recent trend of partnerships (Ryan McGinley, Aakash Nihalani, Eine, etc.) between artists and brands. More images and video from the […]

Openings: Jim Houser – “The Homebody” @ Subliminal Projects

AM stopped by Subliminal Projects last Saturday night to check out the new body of work from Jim Houser. “The Homebody” (previewed) was everything we expected – witty installations, a packed gallery, paintings full of patterns, symbols and codewords. What was unexpected though was an install that played an instrumental track – a soundtrack the artist created for the exhibition. Also, we felt that that clustering of paintings and art objects through out the space was interesting and nicely done. More pics after the jump…

PortugalArte ’10: Faile (Part 1)

A “Bunny Boy” sculpture? Hell yes please! We can’t wait to see what Faile (featured) has up their sleeves for their fans in Portugal. As we hinted before in March, the Brooklyn street duo are in town for the PortugalArte ’10, Portugal’s new month-long biannual art exhibition and will be working on “the Cathedral Project, a giant sculptural installation in the heart of the city of Lisbon.” Not sure what to expect exactly from Faile this time around, but expect something fresh from the Patricks […]