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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Openings: Jonathan LeVine Gallery – “Annual Summer Invitational”

Last week, we stopped by Jonathan LeVine Gallery to hang out and catch their “Annual Summer Invitational” (previewed). The diverse group show consisted of artists who have never officially shown with the gallery and gave attendees of the gallery a different look at some different Low Brow and Street art action. We particularly enjoyed the Judith Supine, Andrew Hem (interviewed),  and EVOL pieces that were displayed. Catch it all after the jump.

VNA Issue 12 Launch & Live Painting with Mr Jago

VNA released issue number 12 last week at their launch night party at Pure Evil Gallery. The magazine has turned into an absolute must read publication over the last couple of years, with each issue being highly anticipated by us at AM as the guys seem to improve their already winning formula of the best of London’s street art photography combined with great interviews and written pieces with each and every release. Issue 12 features Belgian street artist Roa on the cover, and another reason […]

Signings: Mark Ryden – “The Snow Yak Show” @ SFMOMA

Continuing a string of quality book releases at SFMOMA (see David Choe and Further signings), Mark Ryden spent some time last week meeting and greeting his legions of fans on the occasion of the release of his new book “The Snow Yak Show” from Last Gasp Books (purchase here). Luckily for us, our friends from Hi-Fructose were on hand to document the event. More pics after the jump…

Openings “Beyond Punk” @ Signal Gallery

If you’ve ever been to Signal Gallery, you’ll know it’s not the largest gallery space out there, so when we heard that the guest list had been closed at 250 people for the “Beyond Punk” exhibition opening due to the high demand to get on the guest list, we knew that we would be in for a squeeze! Typical Thursday evening opening nights in London tend to be busy, but the crowds usually move between different exhibitions. Not so for this show. When we turned up, […]

Interviews: Glennray Tutor

An artist that caught our eyes, Glennray Tutor, sat down with us for a session of questions and answers recently. Tutor, who is based in Mississippi, touches on subjects such as his popular “marbles and comics” series, his work in the context of photorealism, and legacy of William Faulkner who coincidentally lived in the same town and whose quote we derived the name of our website from. Take a look at the full interview after the jump…

Videos: Dos Equis by Kaws

You may remember when we first passed along the news that KAWS was collaborating with Dos Equis in creating a specially packaged version of their popular beer. Now, the Mexican company, whose name translates to “two x’s” has released a promotional video of the “creative process” from the street turned contemporary artist whose signature imagery also includes “two x’s”. Via Hypebeast. Discuss Kaws here.

Preview: Miles Mendenhall @ Half Gallery

Fresh off his run in Bravo’s “Work of Art”, Miles Mendenhall lands a solo show with Half Gallery (co-owned by Bill Powers, a judge in the show) in NYC. The talented youngster, who made it to the finale, and who many felt should have won the entire competition, continues the abstract enlargements he started in his finale show. In his recap for the finale episode of Work of Art, Jerry Saltz says that losing the competition may help Miles in the long run. So far, […]

Openings: Aiko & Junko Mizuno @ Merry Karnowsky Gallery

Opening alongside Samuel Lowder’s show (covered) several weeks ago was the work of Aiko and Junko Mizuno. The feminine-styled stencil work of Aiko, from our point of view, was the bridge between the two artists in this joint show forming a cohesiveness between the bodies of work. Mizuno provided her signature cute yet violent imagery dubbed “Gothic Kawaii” or “Kawaii Noir” in a series of paintings and drawings. More pics after the jump…

Openings: Eric Joyner – “Donut Logic” @ Corey Helford Gallery

Last Saturday, robots invaded Culver City at the Corey Helford Gallery in the form of paintings from Eric Joyner, bringing along with them their food of choice – donuts! As Eric states in an interview with AM last week, his initial inspiration was his collection of tin robots and watching the movie Pleasantville, where Jeff Daniels paints a still-life of donuts. This time, he adds another food group to the mix to “Donut Logic” – cupcakes!  More opening pics after the jump…

Teaser: Jeff Koons @ Galerie Jerome De Noirmont

Looks like Jeff Koons will be visiting France again. Back again 2 years after his exhibition in Versailles, Jeff Koons is set to open his latest show of his famed Popeye series at France’s Galarie Jerome De Noirmont. The opening will occur September 16th and coincidentally will be the same weekend his peer Takashi Murakami opens his solo at Versailles. Via Happy Famous Artists. Discuss Jeff Koons here.