With Ratio 3 playing host, Bay Area residents came out en masse to catch a glimpse of phenom photographer Ryan McGinley’s newest body of work last night. Famously known as the youngest artist ever to have a solo exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art, Life Adjustment Center (previewed) showcases in perfect detail the reasons for such an honor. Technical prowess, imaginative shot composing and a flair for the dramatic all work in concert to engage and entice the viewer, both in subdued monochromatics and in sparkling color. By bringing the the wild into a controlled indoor environment through a series of black and white works as well as implanting his human subjects into the unpredictable outdoors for a separate collection of turbulent color compositions, the NY photographer has yet again captured the essence of youth as only he can. Thanks to McGinley’s timeless and provocative work, fleeting beauty is no longer a problem.

Many more opening pics after the jump.

Images via our friend rhinomilk
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