David Ellis working on his short film, Animal, to be debuted at show

For street artists, location has always been as important, if not more so, than the artwork itself. The site informs the conception – and perception – of the work down to it’s very core. On November 6th, Irvine Contemporary will explore this unique relationship with a group of artists that have been bringing the street into the studio for years. With such street art legends as JosĂ© Parlá, Shepard Fairey, SWOON, James Marshall (Dalek), David Ellis, Romon Yang (Rostarr) and Gaia, Street/Studio 2.0 will spotlight the site-specific nature of urban art both inside the Washington DC gallery, as well as with outdoor installations and wall murals at Eric Hilton’s (of innovative trip hop/downtempo DJ duo Thievery Corporation) new music studio.

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The night prior to the opening, November 5th, will see an exciting open forum with some of the contributing artists, entitled Urban Code: New Categories of Art. Hosted at The Phillips Collections’ Center for the Study of Modern Art in partnership with George Washington University’s Conversations with Artists series, this unique event will give participants an intimate opportunity to hear from and speak to some of the most important street artists of day, all of whom use the urban space as extensions of their studios and who bring the street experience into their studio practice.

Opening reception on Saturday, November 6th from 6 – 9 PM, with artists.

Irvine Contemporary
1412 14th Street NW
Washington, DC 20006

Exact schedule of events for the weekend here.