Running at full steam right now down in South Beach, Art Basel Week is filled with many good things. This was most definitely one of them. Set upon the backdrop of Friends With You’s psychedelic outdoor installation, Rainbow City (previewed), Pharrell came to the conclusion the inflatable garden was the perfect location for a set of his hip-hop infused pop anthems. A brilliant idea, indeed, for the ubiquitous recording artist who has befriended countless contemporary artists and recently called upon the colorful Miami based art collective for artistic direction on the innovative Hot-n-Fun video.

Hosted by Shepard Fairey and produced by Paper Mag, the Super Mario Bros-like playground, aimed at reigniting the child within all those lucky enough to attend, perfectly complimented the seemingly impromptu, and ever exclusive, concert that rocked the Design District. Also on site was an exhibition of new work from Friends With You, entitled Building Blocks (teased), organized by OHWOW. The night provided a rare opportunity for two distinctly different forms of art to fuse together in unprecedented harmony.

Check out a set of photos from the star-studded event after the jump.

Ron English & Shepard Fairey

Saelee Oh, David Choe, Friend, Jason Jaworski & Ron English

We want to be Friends With You too!

Anthony Lister bumped into us outside...