On Saturday, our friends at Giant Robot held a unique group show at their GR2 space. Originally, the event was conceived to raise funds for UNICEF’s Tap Project, which is an effort to get clean and accessible water to millions of children around the world. But, after the disasters which hit Japan, the exhibition was morphed into a benefit to help the children in the ravaged country. A long line of talented artists including Andrice Arp, Gary Baseman, Chris Bettig, Bigfoot, Jude Buffum, Chris Buzelli, Louise Chen, David Choe, Luke Chueh, Jesse Fillingham, Renee French, Ayako Fujitani, Matt Furie, Rodney Greenblat, Katherine Guillen, Joe Hahn, Clement Hanami, David Horvath, Mari Inukai, James Jean, kozyndan, Jesse LeDoux, Lisa Ling, Barry McGee, Ryan McGinness, Jeff McMillan, Junko Mizuno, Megan Mullally, Gary Musgrave, Mark Nagata Saelee Oh, Bryan Lee O’Malley, Nathan Ota, Mu Pan, Albert Reyes, Jay Ryan, Rob Sato, Ryan Jacob Smith, Deth P. Sun, Jillian Tamaki Katsuya, Terada Edwin Ushiro, Esther Pearl Watson, Daniel Wu, Yoskay Yamamoto, and Kohei Yamashita created unique works for this fundraising show. The water-themed art was in full effect as art fans enjoyed the pieces of this great cause. If you are interested in donating  you can still do so here.

More pics after the jump courtesy of Brandon Shigeta

Eric Nakamura

Pics courtesy of Brandon Shigeta.