Armory Week can get a little overwhelming with the number of formal fairs which one can attend. By the end of the week, we needed to blow off some steam. It’s a good thing Ryan McGinness knows how to throw a party/exhibition. Teaming up with Country Club x The Standard, Mr. McGinness transformed Le Bain (one of Manhattan’s hottest clubs) into a living gallery.

Utilizing his blacklight techniques, he again converted the ladies of the brass pole into organic subjects to compliment the eye-popping artworks which lined the famed club’s inner facade. It was hard to imagine that Ryan could one up his previous South Beach strip club project during Basel Week, but taking advantage of incredible views at the top of the Standard New York & his near limitless creativity we can safely say that this was by far our favorite party during AW.

More NSFW images after the jump…

Jonathan Stein, Mills Moran & T

Julie Bills!

Jonathan, T, Ryan, & Teriha


Some photos by Joe Russo (AM-NY)
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