As you’ve seen Art in the Streets brings many of your AM favorites to the MOCA, but another important aspect of the exhibition is the recognition of the roots of the street art movement with both coasts were showcased from past to present. In a special wing of the museum, Los Angeles held it down with representatives from all aspects of the west coast. From photography and graffiti to tattooing and fine art, we experienced a lesson in cholo and local urban artistry.

With a little guidance from our friends Saber, Revok & Retna, we experienced the old skool craftsmanship of Mr. Cartoon, Estvvan Oriol, RISK, 7th letter and numerous others which showed why the City of Angels is such a haven for a unique way of life and art. It probably didn’t hurt that the hometeam brought an actual RTD bus, tricked out ice cream truck, and “borrowed” freeway sign onto MOCA property to illustrate how “real” they wanted to get.

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