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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Videos: “Madre” (Fame Festival 2010)

In the midst of the excitement from getting confirmation that there will be a Fame Festival this year, a video from last year’s event was recently released. Focusing mainly on Word to Mother and his contribution to the one of the best, if not the best street art festivals out there, the footage follows WTM as he works on various mural around the little Italian town and catches some of the work from other artists in the process. Entitled Madre, the short film is the […]

Openings: Tim Barber – “2001” @ Primary Photographic Gallery

After a hugely successful US debut solo exhibition, Untitled Photographs (covered), with OHWOW in the fall, Tim Barber quietly unveiled a new body of work over the weekend. Hosted by Primary Photographic Gallery, the New York-based photographer showed a collection of work distinctly more colorful and more nature oriented, an apparent departure from the predominate portraiture focus of his last exhibition. The distinguished former photo editor of Vice Magazine, founder of tinyvices, and longtime friend – and pervasive early subject – of Ryan McGinley tended […]

Preview: Greg Simkins & Lola – “Escape With Me” @ Yves Laroche

As we turn our attention to June, one of the highlights for us will definitely be the pairing of Greg Simkins (featured) and Lola (featured) at Yves Laroche opening June 8th. Entitled Escape With Me, the show is just that, an escape into the imaginative worlds filled with Greg’s fantastical creatures and Lola’s pointy-toed denizens. Judging from this preview image Greg sent us (seen above), the show will include some of his most beloved imagery like tentacles, his white-knight (or related character painted blue and […]

Previews: Art HK ’11 – Adam Neate @ Elms Lester

Based on the abundant flow of great artists and galleries into this year Art Hong Kong, we’re confident that the people of China are in for a special treat. Adding to this impressive art fair is one of AM’s favorites Adam Neate (interviewed). Represented by London’s  Elms Lesters Painting Rooms, Adam will be exhibiting a new series of works. It seems that Mr. Neate is continually evolving his craft with the use of 3D sculptural techniques which are again incorporated into these paintings much like […]

Streets: Blu for Outer Spaces Festival (Poland)

Perhaps it’s the warm weather. Perhaps it’s a coming to peace with the whole high profile buffing situation. More than likely, it’s simply that the creative juices are flowing like wine and it’s time to drink. Whatever the case, ever since putting up his first piece since the MOCA incident in Palestra (covered) last month, Blu has been getting paint to wall at near record pace. Since May alone, the street art legend has targeted Jensi (covered) & Bologna in Italy, and Krakow, Poland (covered) with […]

Preview: Miss Van – “Bailarinas” @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

Opening on this Thursday night, May 26th will be Bailarinas at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery. As you can infer from the title of the show, this new body of work from Miss Van will feature her masked and costumed poupees dressed as ballerinas. This will be her first show in six years in New York, so fans of the French-born, Barcelona-based artist who first made her name in the streets best make their way over lest they have to wait another six years for her […]

Openings: Dave MacDowell – “Lowbrow Love Letter” @ Thinkspace

Last month, besides hosting Jacub Gagnon’s (interviewed) joint show with Yosuke Ueno, Elements and Oddities (covered), Thinkspace also presented the work of master satirist Dave MacDowell.  As he intimated to us in an interview before the show opened, the new body of work, Lowbrow Love Letter was a lighthearted riff on the entire movement’s imagery and artists (you can see his Mark Ryden and Chet Zar inspired paintings above). The show has now closed but you can take a look at more opening shots after the jump…

Preview: Melissa Cooke – “Vacuum” @ Museum of Wisconsin Art

For our one reader in Wisconsin, you are in luck. Tomorrow, May 25th, Madison-based artist Melissa Cooke will be opening her show at the Museum of Wisconsin Art featuring her Vacuum series of works. The amazingly detailed graphite on paper pieces interestingly enough are self portraits and represent her treatise on society’s fascination with violence, death and insanity. The runs through July 10th. Take a look at more preview shots from her studio after the jump…

Streets: Sam3 (Poland)

When we last updated you on Spanish street artist Sam3, he had just completed a set of three sweet murals in Madrid. We now have images of another great piece (his newest) also featuring his signature shadow technique, this time in Poznań, Poland, painted for the Outer Spaces Festival. Entitled Power to the People, this newest wall is dedicated to the Spanish Revolution and the current May 15th movement. More pics after the jump…

Teaser: Art HK ’11 – Yoshitomo Nara @ Blum & Poe

For the fourth edition of the premier contemporary Asian art fair, with weight only being added to the significance of the growing event in the wake of the Art Basel founders’ recent purchase of the fair, Blum & Poe will make their presence known at Art HK ’11 with an impressive lineup of artists. Arguably, leading the charge for the Los Angeles contemporary art powerhouse will be a selection of work from Yoshitomo Nara, who we last saw during his retrospective, Nobody’s Fool (covered), at […]