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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Openings: Andrew Schoultz – “Unrest” @ Morgan Lehman

As our readers may have noticed by now, the world thankfully didn’t end over the weekend. However, if those in New York head over to the Morgan Lehman Gallery in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, they will see plenty of apocalyptic imagery in an explosive new show from Andrew Schoultz although he does not paint himself into a corner by making prophetic predictions. Along with his intricately rendered ink and acrylic works on paper, the rapturous (okay, this will be the last pun) new body of work […]

Teaser: Art HK ’11 – Masakatsu Sashie @ Mizuma Gallery

Exhibiting with Mizuma Gallery, Masakatsu Sashie might very well steal the show with his newest creation destined for Art HK 2011, Asia’s preeminent art fair running from May 26th -29th. Producing a work with imagery that references the devastation left in wake of the massive earthquake and tsunami in his home country, the Japanese artist eerily conceived of the post-apocalyptic composition and began painting the piece prior to the disaster. A chilling, if unwanted, example of art imitating life, or in this case foreshadowing. Much […]

Previews: Stormie Mills & Remi/Rough – Selected Moments @ Unit 44, Newcastle

Currently in residence at Newcastle’s Unit 44 gallery space, Remi/Rough and Stormie Mills are putting together the work for their collaborative exhibition entitled Selected Moments. The pairing have worked alongside each other on numerous occasions, and the very different styles that each artist brings compliment each others work perfectly. Collaborations can often sound like a good idea at the planning stage, but it is rare to see the actual execution of the work, well – work. Stormie’s figurative work occupies Remi’s abstract landscapes in an emotive blend of […]

Bruins have a distinct advantage at home

Bruins have a distinct advantage at home, it is a really nice facility but not so nice as a visiting team. Whether it is Bruins yellow jerseys or the yellow lines on the field (was that a yellow flag I saw on the field or just a yellow mark?) it can be a tough place to adjust to. Fall behind early and it could get ugly as was the case yesterday.. cheap jerseys Sean O 35, of Oakland, for Violation of a Berkeley Municipal Code. […]

Streets / Teaser: Isaac Cordal – “Cement Eclipses” Book Release and Exhibition @ Pure Evil Gallery

Spanish street sculptor Isaac Cordal, whom we first introduced to you last month, recently dropped some new work in London. Follow the Leader is part of his continuing series of street interventions entitled Cement Eclipses, which as a reminder is also the name of his soon to be released book. For those in London, where Isaac was previously based, make sure you stop by Pure Evil Gallery next week for the book launch on May 26th. Alongside the regular edition, there will be two special editions […]

Teaser: Richard Prince @ Gagosian Gallery (HK)

As an enticing preamble to Asia’s preeminent contemporary art fair, Art HK 11, on tap later this week, Gagosian Gallery will offer up an exhibition of work from Richard Prince at their Central Hong Kong space. Opening Tuesday, May 24th, the show will mark the first solo exhibition in Asia for the iconic, if not controversial, photographer, painter, and serial reappropriator, as seen through his infamous “rephotograph” series. It is this penchant for reappropriation that has defined, and at times troubled, his artistic career, most […]

Teaser: Art HK’11 – KAWS @ Emmanuel Perrotin

Here’s a look at something KAWS is working on (reminiscent of a piece he painted for the gallery last November) for the Emmanuel Perrotin booth at this year’s Art Hong Kong. After stirring up the fanboys with news of an imminent wood Karimoku companion release, the street turned contemporary artist follows up with news that he will be unleashing his double x’s at the vital Asian fair, a wise choice considering the market. Discuss KAWS here.

Openings: Mark Dean Veca – C.O.L.A. Exhibition @ LAMAG

Yesterday, on a beautiful sunny afternoon at Barnsdall Park in East Hollywood, the 2011 City of Los Angeles (C.O.L.A.) Individual Artist Fellows showed off their recent work at the LA Municipal Art Gallery. One of those mid-career artists represented is none other than Mark Dean Veca (interviewed), who brought along three large-scale paintings utilizing his signature renditions of “Toile de Jouy” patterns. Of course, his subjects of choice include some of his favorite pop icons – familiar food mascots Tony the Tiger, Charlie the Tuna, […]

Preview: Art HK’11 – James Jean @ Martha Otero

Continuing our survey of the upcoming Hong Kong International Art Fair, we turn our attention to the booth of Martha Otero. Coming straight off his March exhibition with the Los Angeles gallery, it looks like James Jean (featured) will be heading to the Far East to attend Asia’s preeminent art fair. When the doors open on this Thursday, May 26th, this four panel piece entitled Lovers will be headlining booth 3G09 along with other originals and limited editions. More preview images of some of the […]

Openings: Hush – “Twin” @ New Image Art

After first working on a wall in Melrose (covered) several days ago, it finally came time to reveal Hush’s (interviewed) newest collection of works at New Image Art in West Hollywood. Like his street mural at De La Barracuda, the UK-based artist’s exhibition Twin (previewed), which opened last night, plays with the concepts of duality and symmetry while featuring his intricately textured and multi-facted works combining his Far East influences as well as what looks to be a homage to Gustav Klimpt. The gallery walls […]