It’s been long said that art & design give us an alternative look on life. In rare cases, life comes full circle to manifest that unique viewpoint… In 1989, Universal asked Nike to create a concept shoe that would be used in the year 2015 for the sequel of the Back To The Future franchise. The scene became one of the most memorable product placements ever in movie history. We still remember Marty McFly stepping into his Air Mags and the neon Nike font light up then followed by the “power laces” zipping tight. From hoverboards to auto adjusting jackets to Mr. Fusion, the props designed created movie magic which in turn captured the imagination and inspired many creatives & artists still working today. Soon after the movie released, sneaker-heads around the world signed petitions in an attempt to persuade Nike to create the mystical Air Mag. After a decade of hoping, it seemed more like a pipe dream. Then, recently Nike revealed that they were listening and dropped a bomb that they created a wearable version of this mythical sneaker holy grail.

The project entitled Back For The Future was a collaboration by Nike and Universal to allocate 1,500 pairs of this footwear to be auctioned off with all proceeds going to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. Only available through eBay, this already sold out sneaker will go towards this dreadful disease. Google founder Sergey Brin also vowed to match every dollar created by this project up to 50 million. Nike did not hold back as CEO Mark Parker and legendary designer Tinker Hatfield (creator of Jordan’s III-XVI) teamed up to design a wearable shoe and held a mini-exhibition of the artwork and installations from the Back To The Future franchise at the Montablan Theater.

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Mark Parker, Christopher Lloyd & Tinker Hatfield

DRx Romanelli & Jose Parla faced off for the last Pit Bull hoverboard...

Araab Muzik

Comedian Joel McHale hosted the show

Great Scott! Christopher Lloyd was in the house!

The first pair auctioned went for 37.5k...

Tinker Hatfield & Andre Ljustina (aka Croatian Style) were impressed...