Neck Face

On Sunday night, the New Image Gallery debuted their new location with new artwork by the somewhat anonymous figure Neck Face (interviewed) and also the work by an artist simply known as Fuck This Life. Named 2 of Amerika’s Most Wanted, the show featured a variety of drawings by Neck Face that focused on the grotesque, the violent and the ironic. The artist’s latest presentation brought in large crowds of people who were keen on discovering what creative direction the artist would take this time around. Although, the artwork does not differ too greatly from the street art he has done in the past, it’s interesting to see it inside a gallery space mainly because the message and style translates so well between these two settings. Included in the show were graphite drawings as well as paintings with a heavy use of colors to illustrate the characters and their dark yet comical situations. Fuck This Life presented a series of picture collages that also touched upon various themes of violence, sex, and death and he also collaborated with Neck Face on two different pieces.

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Fuck My Life

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