Audrey Kawasaki print

It’s been four years since these four artists first exhibited together at the Compound Gallery in a show entitled¬†Four Dreams. This Saturday night, October 8th (5-8 pm), at Thinkspace, Stella Im Hultberg, Mari Inukai, Audrey Kawasaki, and Amy Sol reunite for In the Wake of Dreams as each artist reflects back on the progress they have made in their painting technique and composition since that group show in Portland long ago.

AM has for you an exclusive first look at the print set that will be released starting at 1pm at the Culver City gallery. Featuring a print from each artist, this set can only be purchased in person, will be limited to 100, and be roughly 14 x 17 inches in size. Take a look after the jump at the rest of the images as well as an extra look at one more painting from each artist.


Stella Im Hultberg print

Amy Sol print

Mari Inukai print

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