Bom-K (Da Mental Vaporz) & Liliwenn in France.

We have another diverse mix of artists from all around the world for this week’s street roundup. Starting off, check out this collaboration between Bom-K of Da Mental Vaporz & Liliwenn in Ris Orangis, France entitled Trouble Jeu. You can see more of the intricate details here if interested. Other walls that caught our eyes include Stik (UK), C215 (France), Cranio (Brazil), Zeh Palito (South Korea), Voina (Atlanta), Cere (Spain), Liqen (Oaxaca), Pixel Pancho (Spain), and Sat One.

Photos after the jump…

Stik in East London. Photo by Claude London. Seen on Streetartnews.

C215 in Paris.

Cranio in Brazil.

Zeh Palito in South Korea. Photo via Vandalog.

Voina artist/activists in Atlanta recently hung the above banner in support of Oleg Vorotnikov and Natalia Sokol, who are on a Russian government list of internationally wanted persons. Via Vandalog.

Cere in Valencia, Spain. Via Unurth.

Liqen in Pueblo Nuevo, Oaxaca.

Pixel Pancho in Spain.

Sat One - "Cocoon". Photo from Graffuturism.