It’s time for another roundup of the new walls this week here on AM. Although not exactly immediately recent, this mural from Mesa in particular caught our eye. Other murals covered after the jump include C215 (Paris), Escif (France), Sam3 (Germany), Dabs Myla x Remi/Rough (London), Fintan Magee (Melbourne), Teo Doro (Valparaíso), Dimitris Taxis (Spain), and Isaac Cordal (Brussels).

C215 in Paris

Escif - Property is Theft! (La propriété c´est le vol) in Besançon, France.

Sam3 for CityLeaks Festival in Cologne.

Dabs Myla x Remi/Rough in East London.

Fintan Magee in Melbourne.

Teo Doro in Chile.

Dimitris Taxis in Barcelona

Isaac Cordal - Helping the Police (Brussels)

Photo credit linked on front page under artist name.