As with our weekly Overtime and Streets World Roundup articles, this new feature (video-oriented) is intended to summarize notable stories that we didn’t get an opportunity to highlight. Leading off our inaugural Rewind is this trailer of the new Andy X movie, billed as “a cinematic seance on the life and death of Andy Warhol online” with release scheduled for February 22nd.

Other notable videos include –

  • Ron English’s The Detroit Project, where he and his family leave New York, travel to Detroit, and visit the infamous Packard Plant.
  • A trailer of Getting Up, a documentary. on the legendary L.A. graffiti artist Tony “Tempt” Quan who is completely paralyzed with ALS, how he got his voice back, learns to create art, and write again all though amazing technology.
  • David Choe’s new found fame animated by the infamous Taiwanese NMA crew.
  • Eric Haze paints a giant wall at the Stussy Las Vegas store.
  • Timelapse of the Honor The Treaties mural by Shepard Fairey.
  • A short film by Aaron Rose, starring Chris Johanson for The Generic Man, and Comme de Garçons SHIRT (via TWBE).
  • Flawed Symmetry of Prediction – Optical Illusion Painting and Time Lapse by Jeff Frost.
  • HUR x Haroshi x DLX video by Willie T.
  • Revok – The Motor City Is Burning…
  • An interview with Jaz where he shares some insights on graffiti (via Vandalog).

Check it all out after the jump…

The Detroit Project (Part I)

The Detroit Project (Part II)

The Detroit Project (Part III)

“Getting Up” Trailer

David Choe – NMA animation

Eric Haze x Stussy in Las Vegas

Shepard Fairey “Honor The Treaties” Mural

Aaron Rose x Chris Johanson Film

Flawed Symmetry of Prediction – Optical Illusion Painting and Time Lapse

HUF x Haroshi x DLX Interview

Revok, The Motor City Is Burning

Jaz Interview