Keeping up with yet another mural going up across the streets of Los Angeles, we caught up with MSK/AWR graffiti writer RIME as he was putting up his signature character design in the arts complex overseen by Warren Brand. This Branded Arts project is yet another addition to the growing list of artists such as Herakut (covered)Dabs Myla (covered) and most recently Anthony Lister (covered) who all have left their imprint at the Culver City complex. Sticking with his very unique style, RIME painted a number of faces which slightly transform from one to the next. The project took two days to complete and the results show that his attention to detail is second to none.

We have for you a look at the process that took place over two days and a final look at the mural as the weekend came to a close. More photos after the jump…

Photo credit: ©Carlos Gonzalez for Arrested Motion.
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