NASA recently released a video they call Perpetual Ocean which tracks all the ocean currents from around the world. The twist is the animation has a pretty cool Van Gogh inspired vibe and is billed as “every bit as turbulent as the Starry Night” (via Animal),

Other notable videos include:

  • Trailer for Roger Gastman’s Wall Writers.
  • Slick x Cale Super Mario Bros video (via Hypebeast).
  • Two walkthrough videos of Kelsey Brookes’ Meditations on Symmetry show.
  • Anthony Lister caught in action by Birdman painting Chalk Gallery (via Warholian).
  • Video of the Victor Reyes and Dylan Maddux opening at Known Gallery.
  • Satone feature for the 5 Minute series from (via graffuturism).
  • A new Herakut film from the team at Saft for Nuart.
  • How & Nosm create a visual remix of the Andrew Freedman Home’s in the Bronx (via Street Art News).
  • Buckethead’s video for “Spokes for the Wheel of Torment” inspired by Hieronymus Bosch.

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