Over the weekend, Known Gallery presented a solo exhibition by artist Augustine Kofie (featured). Titled Working An Angle, this new collection of artwork continues to show the great craftsmanship and style that Kofie continues to perfect. This is the first solo showing for the artist since 2009’s Vintage Futurism (covered) and it also marks his first solo presentation at Known.

The show featured over 25 pieces on wood as well as a collection of prints which all featured the artist’s signature style which combines a unique sense of architecture with an aura of futurism. The paintings feel like they are blueprints from some futuristic city and this is clear from the smallest pieces to the larger ones hanging within the showpace. However, it’s also the palette that he uses, ranging from greens to orange and dark browns, that makes his work unique and interesting to look at.

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Photo credit: ©Carlos Gonzalez for Arrested Motion.