Coming up on June 9th, the Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City will be hosting a group exhibition – Motion: The Art of Movement. Featuring 25 artists (Alex Gross
, Amy Sol,
 Anita Kunz,
 Benjamin Bryce Kelley, 
Billy Norrby
, Chris Pugliese, 
Cleon Peterson, 
Eric Joyner,
, Jeremy Lipking
, Joe Sorren
, Josh Agle (SHAG), 
Korin Faught
, Marco Mazzoni, 
Maria Kreyn, 
Melissa Forman, 
Paul Frank, 
Phil Hale, 
Ray Caesar, 
Sarah Folkman
, Sas Christian, 
Stella Im Hultberg
, Sylvia Ji, 
Van Arno
, and Zeus) who will depicting people in motion, design in motion, and nature in motion, the show promises to be an interesting one for AM especially since it involves part of our namesake. Take a look a several more preview images below.

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Cleon Peterson


Maria Kreyn