We start this weeks roundup of street activity with this new fun piece from Dabs Myla. As you can see, their choice of subject matter was quite interesting and can be summed up by their description – “Poop Shooting, Vampire Dicking, and Crack Smoking.” The piece was painted for Roger Gastman for his backyard (thus the Orioles reference). Other pieces of note last week include work from Hyuro (Spain), Sam3 (Spain), Kenor (Spain), Free Humanity (Hollywood), Gaia (New York), Phlegm (UK), Liqen (Japan), Jaz (Norway), Sever (Detroit), Jef Aerosol, and Askew.

Hyuro in Valencia, Spain.


Sam3 in Tarragona, Spain.


Kenor for the FAHR Festival of Street art in Catalunya Spain. Via Graffuturism.


Free Humanity installation in Hollywood.


Gaia in New York.


Phelgm in Cayton Bay, Scarborough.


Liqen in Okinawa, Japan.


Jaz in Bergen, Norway.


Sever – “Death of Streetwear” in Detroit. Via Complex.


Jef Aerosol.